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Parineetii 16th November 2022 Biji wakes up and tells Pari that she wants to go back home. Rajiv comes there and says thank God you are okay. Biji says nothing will happen to me, I have to live to see your and Pari’s kids. Rajiv thinks if she forgave him? Biji says I want a grandson and a grand-daughter.

Rajiv asks if she doesn’t remember what happened today? Biji says I just want to see your kids with Pari. Rajiv goes to the doctor and tells her that she doesn’t remember what happened today. The doctor says we will do some tests. Biji sits with Pari and asks if she doesn’t want to be a mom? She should talk to Rajiv.

The doctor tells Rajiv, Pari and Pami that she had an internal injury but she has lost small portion of her memory. She won’t remember what happened today. Pami thinks that’s good. The doctor says don’t give her stress and do as she says. Neeti comes there so Rajiv goes with her. Rajiv tells Neeti that Biji lost some of her memory because of me. Neeti says why because of you? Rajiv says nothing.

He hugs her and thinks I need to control this situation. Pari comes there and sees them hugging. Pami says I know this is difficult for you but please stay here for some days. Biji is ill and she needs you. Pari says till when? I keep getting heart broken. Pami says God is with you but we need you right now. Pari hugs her and cries. Rajiv is hugging Neeti and sees Pari crying. He looks away.

Rajiv comes to Biji and asks her to smile. Biji says I just want to go home. Rajiv says you can’t go till you are totally fine. Biji says I want to celebrate diwali with you and Pari. Pari comes there so Biji says I was just asking about you only. Neeti is about to go inside but Pami stops her and says she doesn’t remember you so don’t meet her right now. Neeti nods and thinks I will do everything to win this family’s heart.

The doctor checks Biji and tells Rajiv that she is fine so you can take her back home. Biji says I will be happy only when Rajiv becomes a father.

Rajiv and the family brings Biji back home. Biji says I still remember when I saw Pari and Rajiv for the first time. She sees Neeti leaving from there and says who is that girl? Pami says actually.. Biji says who is that girl? Pari says that’s Neeti, my best friend. She is staying here for some days.

Biji asks if she is married? Pari says yes. Biji asks where is her husband? Pari says actually.. Biji says they are fighting? you should talk to her. Pami says her husband did 2 marriages. Biji says that person should die, he has no morals. Rajiv coughs and leaves. Biji asks Pari to call her friend so she can meet. Pari says but its late. Biji says just call her. Pari thinks what if Biji says something to her and Neeti finds the truth.

Pari comes to Rajiv and says Biji wants to meet Neeti. Rajiv says what if Neeti tells her that I am her husband? Pari says I am scared. Neeti comes there and says what’s the problem in that? You are my husband. Pari says you both got married and Biji didn’t know about it. She is ill and if she finds out now then she might get stressed. Neeti says you are right, I won’t say anything in front of her. She leaves. Rajiv thanks Pari for making everything fine, you are doing a lot for us. Pari leaves from there.

Neeti comes to Biji and touches her feet. Biji says you are a guest so sit with me. She says you should cover her head but it’s okay, you should learn some things from Pari. I am sure you have old inlaws also right? Neeti looks on.


Parineetii 17th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Biji says to Pari, you will participate in Grahashanti Pooja. Neeti hears that. Panditji asks Biji is Neeti new daughter in law. Biji says no it’s Pari. Biji asks Pari to make Prasad halwa. Pari sees Gurinder add something to parasad halwa.

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Telecast Date:16th November 2022
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