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Parineetii 15th September 2022 Tai Ji says get out of my house. Gurinder says for that outsider you’re kicking the son of this family out? She was related to us by Rajiv. Tai Ji says yes because of him she became a DIL of this house.

But relationships don’t break like that. Pari is not an outsider to us. She will always be family to us. If you considered her your DIL you would have punished your son not her. I considered her my daughter and I will take revenge for the injustice done to her. I never thought we would celebrate our anniversary like this.

Your greed has broken this family. Rajiv says everyone can see the broken house but not my broken heart. Pari will tell Neeti everything. I love her a lot. I can’t live without her for a second. Tai Ji says I know and I want her to know your reality. I want her to know the person she loved is a cheat and she leaves you as Pari left you.

so you know how it feels when you are left like this. You have always hurt Pari, she always wanted good for you. She always loved you. You never did anything as a husband for her. Your wife left the house at this hour and you still don’t care. You left her with no option.

Scene 2
The doctor asks the Nurse to keep Neeti under observation. Pari comes there. Pari asks how is Neeti? She says Neeti needs extra care. She was leaving the hospital and she fainted. You or her husband Sanju had to be here to take care of her. She’s not well. We gave her a tranquilizer. She needs care.

Pari says in his heart why was Neeti leaving? Pari comes to Neeti’s room. She recalls Rajiv saying Neeti is my life. Pari cries and says what do I see Neeti as? It’s not our fault but we have to suffer. I can’t lie to Neeti. I have to tell Neeti the truth. He fooled both of us. It’s my duty to tell Neeti everything after that she can decide whatever she wants.

Rajiv says Neeti is in critical condition. I can’t lose her if Pari tells her the truth. If you want I will get Pari back. Tai Ji says with what right? As Sanju or Rajiv? You only care for Neeti even now. You don’t care about Pari.

Get out of here, I will hate this blood. Gurinder says enough how can you call my son bad blood? Tao Ji says Pami is right. Rajiv has taken the curse of two women and ruined this family. We can’t see this injustice happening with Pari. She left the house at midnight and we had no right to stop her. I am with Pami and she’s right.

Rajiv can’t live in this house. Gurinder says Rajiv is a kid, kids make mistakes. Parminder says this is a sin. How can you have such a stone heart? She coughs. Rajiv gives her water. She throws it. Tao Ji asks Chandrika to take Parminder to the room. He says don’t try to make him see the truth. It’s all broken now. Chandrika takes her to the room. Tao Ji says to Rajiv get out.

Scene 3
Neeti opens her eyes. Pari cries. She sobs and hugs Neeti. Pari says everything is over Neeti. I’ve lost everything. You were right. Rajiv was cheating on me. I am gonna tell you something very important. You know I loved Rajiv a lot. He broke my trust. You know the other girl in Rajiv’s life is..

She hugs Neeti and cries. Paari says it’s you. Sanju is Rajiv. He fooled both of us. I shared all my happiness with you. I never thought we will have to share our husband. I never thought we will be married to the same friend. Sanju cheated on both of us. I can’t give you any pain. I will give up on everything for you. Neeti is unconscious. Pari is shocked. she says Neeti? Are you okay? She calls the nurse and doctor.

Rajiv thinks about what Tai Ji said. He says I made such a big mistake. How did I think I will get Neeti by fooling Pari? I cheated on Neeti as well, I love her with all my heart. I gave Pari fake love and hope.

It’s all my fault. I’ve done a sin. I don’t know what to do. I will apologize to Pari. She can punish me. I can’t live without Neeti. I will do anything to save my marriage with Neeti. I can’t lose my Neeti. I love her so much.

Pari asks the nurse to check Neeti. She says the doctor gave her a tranquilizer. She is just asleep. We had to give it because she wanted to go to you. She said you’re not well. Pari says in heart she didn’t hear anything? I can’t hurt her heart but I can’t hide the truth as well. It will hurt her so much. But she needs to know the truth. We have to take extra care because she is. Pari asks she is what? What happened to her?


Parineetii 16th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The nurse told Pari Neeti is pregnant. She will have Sanju’s child. Pari cries in the temple. She says how will I tell Neeti her child’s father is a cheater? Show me a way, God.

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