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Parineetii 15th November 2022 Biji tells Rajiv that why is outsider outsider here? Rajiv shouts that she is not an outsider? Neeti is my wife, I married her and I love her a lot. Pari is a nice girl and I did wrong with her. I might not able to forgive myself but Neeti holds a special place in my life which Pari can’t take.

Biji claps and says you are talking like you have won some battle but youi have destroyed 2 girls’ lives, you should be ashamed of yourself. Gurindar says don’t say that. Biji shouts that I am ending my relationship with you people.

Rajiv says don’t say that. Biji slaps him and says I don’t trust you anymore, just stay away from me and you will be punished for cheating on Pari, God will make you go through that too. Gurindar says he is your grandson so how can you say that? Biji says that doesn’t mean he can destroy lives?

He has your upbringing that’s why he did sins. Gurindar says he loves Neeti and if Pari doesn’t have a problem then what’s your issue? Biji says its Pari’s goodness that she never created a scene, never went to the police. Just tell the same to Neeti and then see what will happen. She tells Pami that you always talked about justice then how couldn’t you do justice for Pari? She cries and says I should die.

She says how can I lessen Pari’s pain? Pari cries and says I just need your support, it’s not their fault, its my fate that’s like that. You know I couldn’t get married and then Rajiv married me to save my father’s honor, he never loved me so it’s not his fault. I have to bear what was written in my fate.

She hugs Biji and cries. Biji tells the family that this is good upbringing, she tells him that you might not love her but she loves you a lot. She might have forgiven you but I can’t so I am leaving this house. Rajiv says please don’t say that.

Pari says please don’t do that. Biji blesses her and says I pray that you get true love in life, I can’t do much for you. She leaves from there. Rajiv tries to stop her but she says I will die if you try to stop me. She leaves the house. Rajiv tells Monty that this is all happening because of me. Pami says where will she go at this time?

Biji is leaving the house and I can’t see wrong happening with Pari? They all kept lying to me and that Pari remained silent. How could they do this injustice with her. That Neet is a clever girl and she might have trapped my innocent Rajiv but he is at fault too. I can’t see him having an affair. She comes out of the house. Some kids have start firecrackers, it hits her and she falls down. Rajiv and the fmaily rush to her. She is unconscious so Rajiv takes her from there.

The family brings biji to the hospital. Pami asks Pari and Rajiv to go with her inside. Neeti asks Monty how did that happen? What was she is doing outside? Pami says stop questioning him. Neeti says I was just asking him. Monty tells her that Biji just went out and she got hit by a firecracker. Neeti says we should ban those things. Neeti says it’s okay. Neeti says I will stay here for Beeji.

The doctor checks Biji while Rajiv asks what happened to her? I am worried. The doctor asks them to relax. Pari tells Rajiv that you can go to Neeti, I will stay here. Rajiv says this all happened because of me, I shouldn’t have told her the truth. Pari says don’t blame yourself, you did the right thing. Rajiv holds her hand and says thank you for caring for my family still. Pari says they are my family too, they have given me so much love. The doctor tells Rajiv that we will do some tests. She asks Rajiv to come with her, he leaves. Pari sits with Biji.

Babli is in the hospital. Monty bumps into her and asks what are you doing here still? Babli says my didi is here so I won’t leave her here, I don’t trust you or Rajiv. He says don’t say anything about him. Babli says then he should clean up his act, I would have told everything to Neeti and then he would be gone. I am my did’s bodyguard, he has given her enough pain but not anymore. She leaves from there. Monty says Pari and her are so different.

Biji wakes up so Pari calls the doctor. She thanks God for making her fine. Pari hugs her. Biji looks around. Pari asks if she is okay? Biji says what happened to me? Pari thinks to not tell her about the accident.

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