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Parineetii 14th September 2022 Tai ji hugs Pari and gives her blessings. Tao Ji gives her blessings too. Chandrika hugs Pari and cries. She says take care Pari. Pari meets Balwinder and Amit. Gurinder says we have realized our mistake and we will try to fix it. Gurinder says this house is yours too.

Rajiv made a mistake, I will ask him to give you respect for a wife, don’t leave this house. Rajiv says in his heart what is mummy saying, I will never consider her my wife. I love Neeti only. Pari says this marriage never existed.

We lived like strangers. This is my last decision. Gurinder says I won’t let you go. Pari says I won’t stop now. She opens the door. Pari looks at Rajiv in tears. She recalls their marriage and time together. Pari recalls Rajiv with Neeti. She leaves the house in tears.

Gurinder says stop Pari. Think once before leaving this house, after this, you won’t get a chance or place in this house. We won’t forgive you. Pari steps out and says got your answer? She leaves. Tao ji sits in stress. Gurinder says you always talk about family. you couldn’t stop Pari from defaming this family?

Tai Ji says you and Rajiv had done this. I had to support Pari. What would you do if this happened to our daughters? She trusted you both and you both fooled her. Gurinder says to stop taking her side. What was Rajiv’s fault? He couldn’t marry the girl he loved? Doesn’t my son deserve happiness?

Tai Ji says he does but not at the cost of other people’s lives. You both ruined her life. You knew Rajiv loved Neeti still you got him married to Neeti. If my kids did this I would have slapped them. Stop supporting the wrong. Gurinder thinks if Pari reaches Barnala she would be in trouble. Gurinder says I am leaving. Tai Ji says Rajiv call your mother back in or I would be my worse.

Scene 2
Pari says I did the right by leaving Rajiv. But where would I go? I can’t go to my mom’s. I can’t go to Neeti. But I don’t regret my decision. I could give Rajiv a chance if he was repenting and how can I take Neeti’s love from her? How can I take love from her?

Gurinder leaves in anger. She says I won’t let Pari ruin my life. I won’t let her do this. Rajiv stops Gurinder. He says Tai Ji is calling you in. She says you care about her more than your mom. She’s insulting me. I told you to find Neeti, but you couldn’t. You think I am wrong and that woman who is supporting Pari instead of you. you still respect her?

Rajiv takes her in. Gurinder says you are very selfish. You wanted your love and freedom only. Rajiv says Pari is a nice girl, we did wrong with her. She says then go and tell Neeti the truth. I will see how she stays with you. Rajiv says support me instead of cursing me? She says tell that to your Tai Ji.

Pari was insulting me and you didn’t say anything. Rajiv says we used Pari and her family. We both did wrong. We know that. And I want Neeti. She needs me the most, she’s in hospital. I am done, I am going to Neeti.

Neeti calls Rajiv. Gurinder says stay here. You can’t go. Where would Pari go? He says Barnala. She says everything would be ruined. Rajiv says we should talk to Tai Ji. She might have some solution. She says no. He says we have to use them too.

Pari gets a call from the hospital. They tell her Neeti is critical. Pari says what? She rushes to the hospital. Pari prays for Neeti. She says please God help Neeti. I will tell her the truth as well. She deserves to know everything. She can do what she wants after that. Pari takes a taxi and goes to the hospital.

Scene 3
Tai Ji asks Rajiv to leave the house. Monty says he’s my brother. Tai Ji says don’t take his side. He will make you like himself as well. Simi says Pari left on her own. Pari is the DIL, and Rajiv is our son. Tai Ji says you will know when you become a DIL. You will know what she went through.

I will never support a cheater like him. Get out of this house. Rajiv says how will I live without you? Please, I will apologize to Pari. Tai Ji says will you leave Neeti? Balwinder says he did it for his mom. Tai Ji says they both had their benefits in this. She did so much for this house. She was a good DIL and wife. You will realize her pain when Neeti leaves.

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