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Parineetii 14th November 2022 Pari says you will celebrate this Diwali with Sanju for sure. Neeti hugs her and says you do so much for me. Rajiv says to Gurinder Biji wants to meet Neeti’s husband. Gurinder says to make Neeti scared of Biji. She will kick us all out otherwise. Rajiv says maa is right. Pari comes to him and says I want to ask something for Neeti. SH wants to celebrate Diwali with you. He says but Biji. Pari says I will handle her, you celebrate with Neeti.

Monty and Simi bring firecrackers. Simi says there are so many people. It’s annoying. Babli says the real spirit of Diwali is food. Simi says don’t you get food in your home? Babli says it’s my house too since my sister lives here as your brother does. Rajiv thanks Pari for arranging everything. She says I am doing everything for Neeti. He says you’re a perfect human and friend. She says just not a perfect wife.

This is Neeti’s first and my last Diwali here. Please celebrate with her. Biji comes and says to Rajiv go and celebrate with Pari. Neeti says Sanju let’s celebrate. He says it’s too much noise. I am irritated. Neeti says no come with me. He says everyone is here. Neeti says so what? We are husband and wife? Rajiv is scared of Biji. She says what is his problem. Gurinder says Rajiv celebrates with Neeti. Neeti cracks firecrackers. She’s happy.

Pari gets stuck in the fire. The table of crackers catches fire. Biji comes there. Neeti is also there. Biji says, Pari… Rajiv looks at both of them. Rajiv goes and saves Pari first and then rushes to Neeti. He hugs her and brings her out. Pami rushes to Pari. She says are you okay Pari? Are you injured? Chandrika says show me. Pari says where is Neeti? Chandrika says Rajiv is with her. Don’t worry. They take Pari inside.

Scene 2
Rajiv asks are you okay Neeti? Neeti says I am fine. He caresses her face. Biji sees them. She is shocked. She says what is Rajiv doing with this girl? He is cheating on Pari? Rajiv says let me get you water. Neeti says stay with me. I need you. You take all my pain away. He says I love you. Let me get you water. Neeti says we only need you. He says I can’t live without both of you. He kisses her belly. Biji sees them. Neeti asks how is Pari? Please check. He says everyone is there. Take care of our champ and yourself. She says please go and check on Pari. Rajiv goes to Pari. Biji sees all this. She’s shocked.

Pami says show me your hand. Gurinder says someone has her curse here. Thank God my Neeti and her child is fine. Rajiv says please stop it mummy Ji. He says let me dress your wound. Pari says it’s not needed. He says please.. Rajiv dresses her hand. He says do you feel better? Biji comes there and says stop this drama. You all thought I won’t know anything? I am not blind.

Tao Ji asks what happened? She says Rajiv is cheating on Pari and I can’t tolerate that at all. What’s going on? I always loved you and you were my pride. You made me ashamed. THink about PAri, she’s such a nice girl. How did your conscience agree to cheat on her innocent soul? Rajiv says please listen to me.

She says you all lied to me. You broke my trust. I can’t even imagine what Pari is going through. Don’t you have any sympathy for her that you brought a third woman int his hosue? Girls like her are home wreckers. Rajiv says pleaase curse me but don’t use such words for Neeti. She says you’re hurt for that outsider but not Pari? She’s your wife, you married her. She’s an outsider. Rajiv says she’s my wife.

Episode ends


Parineetii 15th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajiv says to Pari, what if Neeti introduces me as her husband, in front of Biji. Pari says to him, even I am thinking about it. Neeti walks in and asks why not tell truth. Biji slaps Rajiv and says how could you do this to Pari and like you betrayed Pari, someone will betray you. Neeti sees them.

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Telecast Date:14th November 2022
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