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Parineetii 12th May 2022 Pari makes the breakfast and takes it for the family.

Chandrika is angry at her husband and says you always take Tai’s side, why was she questioning Vicky if he is married or not? Nobody cares for me in this house but at least you can take my side. She leaves.

Rajeev calls Neeti but Monty comes there so Rajeev says I hate you, you are making me doubt about who is more important in Neeti’s life. Neeti laughs hearing that. Neeti tells Rajeev that she is going to meet her friend and ends the call. Pari brings breakfast there and Rajeev helps her. Monty thinks if he is getting attracted to Pari? I don’t think so.

Simi shows the washroom to Vicky and brings a towel for him. Vicky thanks her and says Pari is very innocent so please don’t treat her like you treat Chandrika. Simi says this is still my house so just be grateful that I let you both in the house.

Vicky says I am sorry but I was just requesting for my sister, if she does any mistaken then please forgive her. Simi says I have nothing against Pari but if she crosses her line then I won’t spare her. Vicky thanks her and leaves. Simi looks on.

Rajeev and Pari bring breakfast for the family. Tai tells Rajeev that we have taught Amit and now you are doing all this? Rajeev says I was just helping Pari. Tai says it’s good to help your wife. She asks Pari to serve everyone. Mandeep thinks this Rajeev is Pari’s follower. Pari gives tea to Rajeev and it spills on him, she says I am sorry but Rajeev says it’s fine and leaves. Pari goes behind him.

Pari brings another shirt for Rajeev but sees him taking off his shirt. She blushes looking at him shirtless. Rajeev turns and takes the shirt from her. He changes into another shirt. Pari says can you send me the address, my friend is coming so I have to send it to her. Rajeev nods.

Neeti gets a message and is shocked.

Pari is leaving the house in anger and tells Rajeev that I thought you were different from others. Tai asks Pari what happened? Rajeev wipes her tears. Neeti calls Vicky but he doesn’t take the call. Neeti messages him that she has to talk to her urgently. He goes outside and calls her. Neeti says can you go to my house,

Vishal called me and told me that Tarun had a fight. Vicky says I will go and check. Neeti says why did you leave from my engagement ceremony? Vicky says you arranged your engagement ceremony without telling me also. I am sorry. I am promising you that no one will worry your family. Neeti thanks him. Vicky calls his men and ask them to go to Neeti’s house.

Simi says now these village people will give me instructions on how to treat others? I won’t do anything against Pari but if I face any trouble because of Pari then I won’t spare her.

Gurpreet asks Pari why is she crying? The flashback shows Rajeev shouting at the bank people on the call. Pari bumps into him so he starts shouting at her, he says why are you crying now? I am already worried about who is the other person in her life and you are giving me stress. Pari says who is that? Rajeev shouts you are doubting me? Why are you always crying? can’t you be happy for once?

Pari starts crying. Rajeev says Ia m sorry, please don’t tell all this to the family, Tai won’t spare me if she finds this out. Pari runs from there. The flashback ends. Tai asks Pari what happened? Pari looks at Rajeev and thinks I should forgive Rajeev for his behavior. Pari says Rajeev talked about my father so I got sad. All look on.

Rajeev says she started crying after hearing me. Mandeep says Pari worried everyone, I thought Rajeev scolded her. Tai says this doesn’t happen in my house, I make sure that women in this house are stronger, I am always with my daughter in laws.

Vicky asks Pari if she is fine? She nods and glances at Rajeev. Rajeev goes away from there. Monty asks what happened? Rajeev says I am just worried that there is someone else in Neeti’s life, I got angry and scolded Pari. I have to make everything fine now, I will sit with the family so Pari feels better. He goes to the family and talks to Gurpreet. Tai says you people can come here anytime you want.

Gurpreet gives jewelry to Pari and says Jaswant made these for you, it’s his blessing for you. Pari shows them to Tai. Tai says the design is old but your father made them. I will keep these in my drawer to keep them safe. Chandrika says she took my jewelry also and I never got them back. Tai asks her to shut up, she asks Simi to bring her jewelry from the safe.

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