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Parineetii 12th July 2022 Sanju says yes I am Neeti’s husband Sanju. I only want to spend time with you, no one else between us. He hugs her. No more drama like yesterday. I want no one to disturb us tonight. She says what if I say I don’t like this suit? He says let me show you around, you will love it then.

He kisses her hand. Pari makes Mishika eat. She asks if she knows stories? Pari says which story do you wanna hear Mishu? Mishika hugs her and cries. Pari asks what happened? Why are you crying? Chandrika realizes.

Mishika falls asleep. Chandrika says Mishika really likes you after Rajiv in this house. Pari says she’s just a child? What’s wrong? Chandrika says you will know everything soon. Pari leaves.

Rajiv holds Neeti’s hand and shows her around. He says do you like it now. She says I don’t like that sofa. He sits on it. She says now I like it. She says this bed is ordinary too. Rajiv sits on it. She says it’s special now. She says you promised me you will kiss me after our wedding only. He says yes now we can.

Neeti says now I am not in the mood. Rajiv comes close to her. His phone rings, it’s Pari. Neeti says let me go get fresh. Pari asks Rajiv where is he? She says you came to the wedding. He says I can’t hear you? She says will you come home? He says yes I will Rajiv is worried. He goes back to the room.

Scene 2
Daler flees from the jail. Policemen look for him but it’s dark due to the storm. He hides behind a car. They look around. Daler gets in the car and says I will kill that Rajiv. He finds a knife in the car. He says I am coming, Pari.

Rajiv sprinkles flowers on Neeti. He kisses her. He takes off her shoes and jewelry. The song teri galiyan plays. Rajiv hugs Neeti. Daler sneaks into Pari’s room. She says Rajiv? She turns on the light.. Pari is shocked to see Daler.

She says what are you doing here? He says I’ve lost my senses since I saw you. no one can save you from me. He grabs her arm. Pari screams for help. Rajiv comes in and hits it. Daler takes out the knife and stabs him.

Pari screams Rajiv. She wakes up from sleep screaming. Tai Ji comes and says what happened? Are you okay? Pari says I saw a nightmare. Pari says I am very scared. Tai Ji says where is Rajiv? Tai Ji gives her water. Pari says he said he will come home. Taiji asks her to call him.

Rajiv holds Neeti’s hand. She sits on his lap. Pari says he’s not picking. Tai ji calls him. Rajiv says sorry to Neeti. She says pick it. He says I will turn it off this time. Tai Ji asks Rajiv where is he? He says I met a small accident. I am fine, don’t tell Pari. I am going to get the dressing done. I will be back. Pari hears it.

He comes back to the room. Neeti does ghunghat. Rajiv says what is this? He takes it off. He says you have changed? She says I am being a new bride. He says you will always be mine. Pari says to Tai Ji don’t worry. He is fine. He said he will be home. Rajiv says marrying you was my biggest dream.

I am so happy. She says will you change like other men? He says never. She says as time passes couples fight more than they love each other. Will you be like other couples? HE says I fell in love with you at first sight.

I will always love you more. You’re my only happiness. She says what if you find this happiness in another person? He says no one can part us. I love you with all my heart. I have never felt this way the way I do today looking at you as my wife.


Parineetii 13th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Neeti says who loves for care? He says people do. SHe says what Rajiv did with Pari, if you did to me I would kill you. Pari is on the roads looking for Rajiv. She comes to the hotel. Rajiv kisses Neeti.

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