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Parineetii 11th November 2022 Pari looks for Babli. She sees no oil in the temple candle. She pours it. Pari’s dupatta catches fire. Rajiv sees it. He runs and saves her. Rajiv says are you okay? Pari says I am fine. Babli says is Neeti trapping Rajiv? I won’t leave Neeti. Monty says what are you doing here? She says standing.

He says it’s my house. Babli says something is wrong with your house. She says don’t come around yo. He says why would I? She says men stare. He says my bad days aren’t here. She says I’ve to save my sister’s life. Monty is shocked. Monty says I’ve to stop her. Rajiv says to be careful. Pari says don’t worry about me. Monty tells Rajiv Babli saw you with Neeti. Rajiv says what will I do now? Monty says to talk to Pari, only she can stop her.

Pari comes to Babli. Babli says I need to talk to you. Pari says why were you misbehaving with Neeti? Babli says you don’t know I saw. She is a snake. She will ruin your life. Neeti was in Rajiv’s arms. She’s trying to take your husband from you. Kick that Neeti out of this house. I will do that.

Pari says don’t say this to anyone. Babli says I will tell everyone. Pari says no. Babli says your husband has an affair with Rajiv and you’re asking me to be silent? Did you know all this? Pari says yes I know everything. They don’t have an affair, they’re married. Babli is shocked. Pari says she didn’t know either. She’s still my friend. It’s not her fault. She still doesn’t know Rajiv and Sanju are the same people.

He lied to both of us. It’s not his fault either. He never loved me. To save dad’s respect and his mom’s decision he was forced to marry me. She cries. Babli says why didn’t you tell us? Pari says I know you love us all. Pari says so much happened together. I didn’t know what to do. She says Neeti is pregnant with Rajiv’s child. I don’t know if I should cry for myself or be happy for Neeti. Babli hugs her and cries. Pari says God will show me a way. God will fix everything. Pari hugs her and says don’t cry. Babli says Rajiv will regeret this.

Scene 2
Pami says to Gurinder now you’re lying to mummy Ji for another land now. And you think Neeti will stay with Rajvi after finding the truth? Gurinder says that once her child is here, she will only care about her child and husband.

She will forget Pari. When child comes, things change. Biji comes and says whose child? She says you all are hiding something from me. Gurinder says we were talking about Rajiv’s child. Biji says Pari is pregnant. She says to call him Rajiv’s child. This house’s sons will know my Rajiv’s name. Biji says another gibes birth. I will call it Pari’s child. I want her to have a daughter like herself.

Neeti comes there and says mummy Ji I was asking. Biji is shocked. Neeti looks at her. Neeti says Biji aren’t you celebrating Diwali? She says Lala Ji isn’t here. BIji asks where is your husband? Neeti says he must be around. She says who is he? Neeti says you’ve met him already. Let me bring him.

Biji asks who is she? An outsider girl shouldn’t roam around like this. Rajiv looks for Neeti. He says I wish I never married Pari. Neeti comes. She says your Biji said she hasn’t met my husband. It’s funny, she was taunting. She says come with me. He says where? Neeti says surprised. She says your dad is so bold. I love her. She takes Rajiv. He says let me get water. Neeti says let’s go. You will meet her as my husband today.

Simi collides with Babli. Simi says couldn’t you see? Babli says I was walking right. You were not seeing. Simi says don’t fight with me in my house. Monty asks them to relax. She says this Babli made me fall. Monty says don’t ruin your mood for her. Babli says I am Barnala’s queen. I know how to answer girls like you. Monty asks Simi to go to the room. He says Babli learn to control your anger. She says I don’t need to listen to you coward.

Neeti comes to Biji. Rajiv is scared. Rajiv makes the drink fall on Biji. She shouts at the servant. She says I will fire you but it’s Diwali today. Go from here. Neeti asks are you okay? She says where is your husband? Neeti says he was here but he’s left. Biji says is the moon? She says to send Rajiv and Pari to me. I want to give them a blessing. Neeti says you know Rajiv? She says why won’t I know Rajiv?

Their couple is my favorite. Neeti wonders how did Pari meet Rajiv before her? Or she knows Rajiv very well. Neeti says to Pari you never made me meet Rajiv but Biji knows him. She said you’re both her favorite. Pari says Biji saw our pictures. Neeti says we want to meet her as a couple. She was calling you and Rajiv. Neeti says I want to play with firecrackers with Rajiv but he keeps disappearing.

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