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Parineetii 11th July 2022 Pandit ji says I will leave this wedding if there’s more drama. Sukhwinder says I am sorry please continue the wedding. Let’s go in. Monty wakes up Balwinder. He says sorry..

Monty says Mishika is safe. Balwinder says thank you. Monty says Pari saved Mishika by risking her own life. Pari brings Mishika. Monty says let him rest, he’s not well. Pari says okay. She looks at Balwinder drunk. Pari leaves. Balwinder says you will never be happy Pari, you ruined my life by saving Mishka you will never be happy.

Sukhwinder ties Sanju and Neeti’s knot together. Monty gives Pari her bag. Pari gives Mishika candies. Mishika kisses her. They go out. Jai says to Ajay finally the wedding has started.

Pandit Ji says where is sindur? Pari says I have it in my bag, let me bring it. She asks Simi to take care of Mishika. Simi ignores Mishika. Pari looks for her sindur. She brings it and gives it to Rajiv. Pari wonders if it’s okay for her to give her sindur. She says my Rajiv will always be mine, it’s okay.

Rajiv recalls filling Pari’s hairline. Pari gives Rajiv Sindur. Rajiv says Pari looks happy, I hope she always stays happy. Rajiv fills Neeti’s hairline. Pandit Ji asks Rajiv to make Neeti wear mangalsutra. Pari says what happened Sanju? Make her wear mangalsutra.. His hands shake. Neeti asks what happened?

Rajiv makes Neeti wear mangalsutra. Pandit Ji asks them to complete the rounds. Rajiv recalls marrying Pari. Pari wonders where’s Rajiv. She says I saw him but now he’s not here again. Pandit Ji asks them to hold hands for the last round. Rajiv holds Neeti’s hand and completes the round. Pandit Ji says the wedding is done. Take blessings from your elders.

Neeti and Rajiv touch Sukhwinder’s feet. Monty congratulates them. Vicky congratulates them too. Pari hugs Neeti and says I am so happy for both of you. She says Sanju you can take off your sehra now. Rajiv is scared.

Monty says it’s our ritual sehra should be taken off in the room. Pari says okay then. The driver comes and says the car is ready and so is your suite. Pari says I arranged it for your wedding night. Neeti laughs. Pari says it was my duty. Neeti says you will become a very big wedding organizer. Rajiv will be so proud of you.

Where is he? Pari says I don’t know he just left. Neeti says Sanju remember I used to talk about my best friend, we’re friends since childhood. This is her, Pari. She’s your competition because I love her the most. Rajiv is shocked. Neeti says she just came here. We are very close. I tried so hard to make you both meet but you couldn’t. Neeti says let’s do the bidai now.

Sukhwinder says to Neeti I will go back today with everyone. Neeti says why do it early? Sukhwinder says I have to see everything here. Sukhwinder says I am not worried. Sanju is with you, he will always take care of you.

Neeti meets everyone and hugs Pari. She cries. Sukhwinder cries too. Neeti leaves the venue with Sanju. Everyone is teary. Neeti asks Sukhwinder to take care of herself. Sukhwinder asks Sanju to always take care of Neeti.

Scene 2
Chandrika opens the door. Mishika comes home with Pari. Simi asks did you tell mom anything? She says no. Tai ji asks what happened? Balwinder comes in. She asks Monty to take him to his room. Mishika meets Tai Ji. She asks Chandrika to get Mishika something to eat. She says to Pari to keep her phone on if she goes anywhere.

SHe says I don’t like it when someone doesn’t pick up the calls. Pri says sorry it won’t happen again. She says it better now. Pari says to Chandrika that Tai Ji looks very angry. Chandrika says she will be very angry at the breakfast. Pari takes Mishika to the room. Chandrika says I will get her something to eat.

Scene 3
The manager welcomes Neeti and Sanju to the suite. Rajiv says thank you good night and locks him outside. He says thank God he left. She says you’re not my Sanju but someone else. My Sanju wasn’t like this. So desperate to be alone? He says you are right. I am not your Sanju. I am Neeti’s husband now. He hugs her and says I only want to be with you and no one else between us.


Parineetii 12th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajiv comes close to Neeti. He kisses her forehead. Daler jumps into Pari’s room. He says I have lost my senses since I saw you. Pari screams for help. Rajiv comes. Daler stabs him.

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Telecast Date:11th July 2022
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