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Parineetii 10th November 2022 Rajiv says Neeti what did you find out? He says I feel guilty. She says I never thought you would hide such a big thing. Monty says it must be a guest. Biji says women trap married men these days. Monty says don’t worry.

Rajiv says it’s not my fault. Neeti says it’s maa’s mistake. She says now there’s a third person between us. Rajiv says the conditions were such. Neeti says condition that you are Golu? He says oh that. Biji calls me Golu.

Pami says to Gurinder says why didn’t you let Pari tell her the truth? Gurinder says I have only one DIL Neeti. Pami says you’re the woman who sold her son for land. You don’t care about Neeti either. You only care about yourself. Biji comes there. She says have some shame you both. You want to fight on Diwali too.

Gurinder says we were discussing what to cook. She asks who was the girl in Golu’s room. Gurinder says who? She says she was calling me Biji. She was wearing a blue from. Pami says Gurinder knows her. Biji asks who is she? Gurinder says must be a guest. Biji leaves.

Scene 2
Rajiv says talk to me at least. Neeti says I won’t. Biji comes upstairss. Rajiv kisses Neeti. She says someone will see. He says you’re my wife. Neeti says you were in a bad mood, not me. Biji walks past. She sees Rajiv there. Pari comes there too. Biji comes there. She says I saw… What were you both doing here? You and Pari? Rajiv says we.. Biji says I saw everything. Now hug her in front of me. Pari says we.. Biji asks them to hug. Rajiv hugs Pari.

Neeti is in her room. Rajiv sent her. He said I will come in a bit. Neeti goes upstairs to look for Rajiv. Biji says God keep you both happy. Rajiv says I am sorry. Pari says to tell Biji everything then. He says I fear for Neeti. Biji says I want a grandson soon. Rajiv says your dream would come true soon. She says really, Pari? Pari leaves. Biji says she got shy.

Scene 3
Pami asks Chandrika to prepare Biji’s food. Chandrika says please taste. Pari’s sister comes home. She says I came from abroad. She says I am Simi. You guys can call me Babli. Pami says sit here. Monty comes. He falls. Babli laughs. She slips on Monty as well. She says you did it intentionally. He says I don’t have time and lose weight.

She says I will handle you later. Rajiv comes to Neeti. He says I missed you a lot. She says I wanna meet Biji. Rajiv says this color looks so good on you. Everything looks good on you. He kisses her hand. Babli sees them but she doesn’t see Rajiv’s face. Rajiv caresses Neeti’s face. She sees Rajiv. Babli is shocked. She says what is Neeti doing with Rajiv?

Babli runs out. Monty asks what happened. She says my mind is fused. Simi asks who is she? She says now she will also bother us like her sister. Babli says I need to meet Pari first. Neeti sees Babli. Neeti says I am so happy to see you. Babli says what are you doing here? Neeti says I have gelled in well here right?

Babli says you too much no? Babli says what are you doing here? You are. Pari did so much for you, she always considered you her sister and you did this to her? With her husband? You will never be happy, have some shame.

You’re taking Pari’s love from her. Neeti says I can’t hear due to the firecrackers. Babli says yeah you can’t hear it? Pari comes. She hugs Babli. Pari says you didn’t invite her to your wedding so she’s mad. Neeti says I am sorry Babli. Pari takes Babli downstairs. Pari says I’ve to stop Babli.

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