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Parineetii 10th May 2022 Rajeev calls Chandrika and asks what happened? She says where are you? Parmindar Tai is asking for you, if you don’t come back then she will create a scene. Rajeev says I gave my car to a friend and he had an accident so I have come to check on him and see the damage on the car. I am coming back, he ends the call and turns off his phone.

Chandrika tells Pari that you shouldn’t worry about him but why did you marry him? Pari says he saved my honor so I respect him a lot. Chandrika says that’s like my Amit too. Pari says I think Rakesh must be behind the accident, I have to go and check on him. Chandrika gives her money and she leaves.

Rajeev comes back to the party and thinks I won’t leave Neeti at any cost today because of Pari.

Pari is finding a taxi to go and find Rajeev.

Rajeev tells Neeti that I want to keep marrying you. Neeti says we will get married once only. Their friends start a dance performance. They all dance. Rajeev dances with Neeti. Their friends ask Rajeev to give promises to Neeti. A guard comes there and says one car should be moved, their friend goes to check. Rajeev says he should stay in limits as he is just a guard.

Pari is trying to find a lift and says I feel like Rajeev going away from me. I have to do something.

Neeti tells Rajeev to not be angry. Rajeev says he is just a guard so he shouldn’t have this attitude. Neeti asks him to calm down. Rajeev thinks his life is destroyed because of Pari.

Pari arrives at the garrage and asks the guard about Rajeev, she shows his photo to him, the guard says he is inside the venue. Pari says thank you and goes inside.

Inside the venue, Rajeev gifts a gold ring to Neeti as a promise ring. He says I promise to never leave you, I will always be with you, I will love you only. Neeti smiles at him as he kisses her hand. They hug each other.

Pari is going inside the venue and trips. She gets up and goes to look for Rajeev.

Rajeev and Neeti cut a cake together when Pari arrives there but she can’t see them as there are people surrounding them. Pari calls Rajeev from Chandrika’s phone, he says I should leave now. He brings Neeti aside and tells her that I have to go back as my family is waiting. She says it’s okay, I will handle here.

He leaves from the venue but Pari doesn’t see him. Neeti turns and sees Pari there. She hugs her and says you are here? Thank you for coming. Pari asks about Sanju, Neeti says he left but the party has just started as my best friend is here.

Pari says I trust your choice so I know I will like Sanju. They feed cake to each other. Neeti sits with Pari, Pari congratulates her. Neeti asks how was her day with Rajeev? Pari says everything was okay as Rajeev loves me. Neeti says I am so happy to see you here. Pari thinks I can’t tell her.

Rajeev comes back home, Chandrika says Pari got worried about you and left to search for you. Rajeev says why did you let her leave? He calls her and asks her to come back home. Chandrika takes the call, Neeti takes the call. Chandrika says Rajeev loves you a lot, he is missing you. Neeti says how much he loves me? Chandrika says a lot, just come back home. Pari says I am coming and ends the call. Pari says I have to leave now. Neeti hugs her and lets her go.

Pari comes back home and thanks Chandrika. She goes to her room and asks Rajeev if he is fine? Rajeev shouts at Pari and asks why did she leave at this time? this is a big city and anything could have happened. Pari cries so Rajeev shouts at her to stop crying, he didn’t die. Pari stops him.


Parineetii 11th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rajeev shouts at Pari to stop this drama, he never wanted to marry her. I saved you from Rakesh so I could get my freedom as my mother wanted properties and your foolish father gave it all to us. Pari cries and says this can’t be true. Rajeev says the truth is bitter so just accept it. I married you only for property, just go away from my sight.

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Telecast Date:10th May 2022
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