Parineeti 28th May 2022 Written Episode Update


Pari asks how is your hand? He says better. She says I am so proud, you were saving someone. I was running after you. You’re a very nice person. Thank you. Neeti gets ready. She opens the door. It’s Vicky..

She says you? He says I got this medicine for you. She says come in. She says would you like tea? He says yes but.. He says I will make it. She says thank you. Neeti calls Rajiv. He says I won’t calls Neeti and says I won’t be able to come. She says my friend is here from the village. I wanted to introduce you.

He says sorry. Vicky gives her teaa. She says when Pari was here, I was so happy. She would make me tea every day. Thanks for making it today. Mandeep said to Vicky this situation doesn’t feel right. You should go and check if this guy is right.

How can his family not come to the engagement? Vicky asks Neeti if he can see her engagement photos. She says yes let me get them. Vicky says in heart Neeti is very smart. She would never be with a guy who would cheat on her.

Scene 2
Pari asks Tai if she can make prasad? She says yes. She asks where is Rajiv? Pari says he went to office. Tai ji says he goes to office so early these days. Pari asks will mummy ji come too? Tai ji says no why would she. It’s not a wedding just a pooja. Pari asks Chandrika did I say anything wrong? She says no.

This house is like that, everyone lives together but they aren’t really together. Tai ji and your MIL no one can speak between them. Pari mummy ji is very nice. She saved my family’s happiness and got me a husband like Rajiv. She can never do anything wrong. Chandrika says don’t get teary. You can call me didi. Chandrika hugs her. Simi looks at them and says they’re getting close.

Pari brings the photo to Vicky. He says I don’t wanna see it now. She says why? You wanted to see Sanju. He says maa asked me to ask you. You know how she is dad calls her drama queen. Neeti says she’s so careless.

What else did she say about me? He says nothing. Maa said there must be something wrong with the guy if his family wasn’t there. There couldn’t be something wrong. But Don’t worry. Neeti says she’s actually right. I’ve never met Sanju’s family. What if she’s actually married. Vicky says why would you think that?

Neeti says your mom opened my eyes. She laughs and says your mom thinks about so much drama. She says let me call her. Vicky says no don’t call her she would mind. Don’t tell Pari either. She doesn’t like negative thoughts.

Neeti says yes so never think there’s anyone else in Sanju’s life. He’s mine only. He says let me see how your Sanju looks. He picks the photo. His mom calls he leaves. Rajiv is coming upstairs. Vicky is leaving. He doesn’t see Sanju. Rajiv surprises Neeti.

Scene 3
Pari says thank God you saved us. Neeti says to Sanju my friend was here. He really wanted to meet you. He says Neeti I want to ask something. He recalls seeing Pari. He says I was really worried today. I was so scared for you.

I didn’t want to die because I want to live my life with you. I want to marry you. I really love you. Pari says I was so scared for Rajiv. I want to live my life with Rajiv. Rajiv says I want to live my whole life with you. He asks her to close eyes. Pari prays for her marriage. Rajiv gives Neeti a board that says I have found the one.

Will you marry me? She says yes. He says but I want to marry you in 4 days? She says so soon? He says I can’t wait anymore. Please be mine? Neeti says okay. He hugs her. Pari’s candle blows. She gets worried. Rajiv says thank you Neeti for choosing me. You could find anyone. She says you look perfect with me.

Today when.. She recalls hugging him. Neeti says I was so worried and scared for losing you. You’re perfect to me. He kisses her hand. She says got so romantic? He says You’re my life. Pari lights the candle again.

Strong winds blow. Neeti says I never thought I would find a guy like you. My friend always wanted someone like you for me. She wanted best for me. He says what about herself? She says best for her too. He says no. I am the best so will you both share me half and half? Pari shuts the windows.

Precap-Neeti tells Pari and says we love each other. We thought to get married. Neeti says to Rajiv what’s mine is mine. I am ready to marry. You’re perfect to me. Pari says to Chandrika I feel like I am losing something that’s mine.


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