Parineeti 21st May 2022 Written Episode Update


The robbers are attacking Arjun’s team and they hold hostages to protect themselves from the police. Akki tells Arjun that he should leave the bank otherwise they will kill all the hostages. Arjun finds his officers injured and decides to go out of the bank.

Simi and Vicky are in the car. Vicky asks Simi to let him drive as they need to reach fast. Simi angrily sits in the back. Vicky says I will drive fast so hold tight.

Arjun comes out of the bank, defeated and talks to Kiran. Kiran says I told you we need a solid plan against them. The media is trying to get the news out of Kiran but she asks them to let them do their work and stop questioning her. Akki’s man is injured so he calls Kiran and says we need medical help, you have 15 minutes otherwise I will shoot everyone here. Kiran says give me some time.

Pari tells Rajeev that I can’t believe you are with me, I started liking you since the first time I saw you. Rajeev says don’t keep repeating all this. We are in trouble. Pari says you are with me so nothing will happen. She applies a black tikka on him and says I don’t want anyone to steal you from me. A goon catches them.

Neeti is outside the bank and is worried for Pari. She hears the news r4eporter saying that police can’t do anything. She tries to go inside but Kiran stops her. Neeti falls down and says Pari is inside, they will kill her. Kiran says I won’t let anything happen to her. She asks her to sit back down.

Neeti screams for her. Kiran shouts that they are not normal people, they will kill you. We can’t put anyone in danger. We will handle everything. Neeti says he might hurt my friend. Kiran says I will arrest you if you try to do anything.

Inside the bank, Akki is waiting for the medical help for his gang member. He calls Kiran and says I will kill Parineeti if you don’t send help fast. He asks his gang members to show a deadbody. They bring a body there. Kiran watches from the CCTV.

Akki calls Kiran and says I have the locker room key, I just need a doctor otherwise I will kill everyone. Kiran says don’t kill anyone, we are sending help as soon as possible. Akki says I will kill the girl Pari so hurry up. Kiran tells Arjun that we have to do something otherwise he might hurt Pari. Arjun says how did Akki find the key? Kiran says he might have found it.

A robber asks Akki how did he find the key? The flashback shows how Akki met Mukesh, Akki is his brother and says you are working in this bank because our father doesn’t give us anything. We should rob the bank as it’s our father’s only. I have some people who can help us. Mukesh agreed with him. The flashback ends. Akki says I won’t spare the girl who tried to destroy my plan.

A robber is bringing Rajeev and Pari back to Akki. Rajeev scolds Pari and says we are in this problem because of you. Pari says how? We are both in this problem together. Rajeev shouts at her that you are brainless, he throws things around. The goon looks on. Rajeev pushes him away and runs from there with Pari.

They hide in a room. Pari recalls Rajeev shouting at her and looks away. Rajeev sees her crying and says I am sorry, I was just trying to save you. Pari says I got scared seeing you angry. Rajeev says I am a human so I can get angry but don’t be scared. Pari says I have never seen anyone shouting in my family. My father never raised his voice so I get scared. She cries and hugs him. Rajeev looks on and tries to console her.

Precap: Neeti walks in with a doctor as a nurse. Thieves find that out and fires shots on hostages.


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