Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Paramavatar Shri Krishna Written Update on

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th November 2019 Episode Start With hanuman enjoying vatika seeing so many fruits & all the three devotees of Krishna are talking within themselves about why we had failed to bring hanuman because we got angry as hanuman does not get angry so we should make him angry & now we have understood that if he does not get food then he will get angry. As hanuman tries to pluck some fruits then he is stopped by the devotees to confuse him in eating various fruits as per their respective choices so as hanuman goes to eat the fruit as per one’s choice then he is pulled by other one to eat of his choice & this keeps happening by which hanuman gets bugged & hits his leg on the ground shaking trees to fall all fruits on the ground & hanuman says I will respect your choices & will eat all fruits together.

Gomtimaiya is selling milk & curd in her village as sudama comes asking her for curd & she tells him it looks like you will eat all these so sudama tells her I want it for my prabhu so she replies I knew it so to go & tell all of them that this is not for god but for business. Sudama explains her about devotion towards god which she has but hidden in her words so she ignores his advise while krishna in disguise of guala comes telling her that my friend is telling the truth so she also argues with Krishna that you have also come for his support now then Krishna tells her of devotion if arise as sudama has still not uttered anything so she still denies then sudama explains her of his past which he had also tried like her to become & he is telling her his story for example when kanha walking with gopiyas having milk pots on their heads & he instigating them how the walk should be by giving example of other gopiyas in elsewhere village how they stylishly walk so as they instigated to walk stylishly then the milk keeps falling slowly from the pots & kanha’s friends including sudama are hiding behind the trees come running towards gopiyas to hold the milk to fill in their small pots & as all small pots get filled then he changes his views to tell them that do gopiyas from good family walk this way & they are confused asking him how come you are saying this now as before you were appreciating us & now your abusing so he tells them that nothing because my work is being done & bring more milk tomorrow too so he goes away while they check their pots & find all empty & they say kanha has played trick with us then too we have achieved his love.

All kanha’s friends are holding milk pots in their hands sitting under a tree as kanha comes asking them have all got their pots filled then they say when kanha is there then nobody can stay empty stomach so kanha tells them to have milk & they happily drink milk. Kanha sees sudama not having milk so he asks him why you are not having then sudama replies that with putting bhog to you how can I have then kanha explains him but sudama says I can’t change my policy of devotion so he says that till kanha does not get bhog I won’t have so kanha takes the pot from his hands & does the bhog by having some milk & sudama says with you having bhog a person gets pure from you & he also has that milk then.

They are seeing more gopiyas coming with pots on their head having butter so kanha tells them as now milk is finished then lets got for butter & they all go to play some trick.
Sudama is explaining about devotion towards god to gomtimai but she ignores saying I have to go to do more business ahead but Krishna tells sudama to explain mai of if a person does deed against its heart then what happens which had happened with you so sudama explains about his past to mai.

Kanha & his friends are on tree waiting for gopiyas to come near as his friends are advising him to hit whose pot first who always shouts them. Kanha aims towards pots of gopiyas hitting all one by one & all their pots break as one of them gets very angry while all are getting bugged saying no other than makhan chor kanha so they all are searching him & kanha is talking within himself getting down from the tree saying that gopiyon this makhan is not for selling but to eat so how much of pots I need to break but I won’t allow this to sell. All gopiyas are searching kanha everywhere saying where are you hidden so come out as sudama comes & they ask him you are his best friend so tell us where kanha is then he explains them that ask me where he is not there so they tell him don’t tell about your heart but show us where he is hidden & don’t you feel we should find him immediately then he tells them I too wish that you should reach to meet him as I have reached with my devotion then they ask him show us the path & tells them to come as I will take you to him.

Kanha’s friends are appreciating kanha while kanha is telling them to eat butter.
Sudama comes with gopiyas to kanha & tell him see whom I have brought to meet you so kanha is surprised & while sudama tries to explain them they say we know kanha very well & they are shouting kanha while kanha asks sudama why did you bring them here. Kanha tells them I did it because all can eat butter so they says there is no point complaining about you to your mother but now we will complain to your friends parents about them & they will punish them a lot & they go away.

Kanha is telling sudama what you did & why you brought gopiyas here so sudama tells him I was helpless & got emotional to bring them here seeing their love for you so kanha’s other friends are cursing sudama because of whom this has happened so if sudama will be there then we will always be scolded this way so kanha tries to explain them but they ignore saying this will keep on happening if sudama is there as all parents are not like your’s who will forgive & they all leave.

Sudama explains gomtimai this way what happened as I felt because of me all friends left kanha then she asks him what you did later so sudama tells her I changed my path of leading life & I decided to change myself.Kanha’s friends are explaining him how their parents have punished by hitting them or making them work so kanha explains them why the pain of body should be taken in your heart so keep smiling as pain relieves then heart will automatically accept to eat more butter but they says no as from now no butter as well as your friendship & kanha gets depressed.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 8th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Gomtimaiya is selling milk & curd saying if there is wealth then all is there & for performing Pooja without wealth we do not get brahmna also so sudama tells her I also was stubborn at times & went to break pot as he was stopped by somebody. Gomtimai falls in confusion hearing sudama & kanha’s story.


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