Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Paramavatar Shri Krishna Written Update on

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th November 2019 Episode Start With Krishna telling sudama garudraj does not take so much time while garudraj comes from above & fall down in krishna’s palace. Krishan seeing falling down asks garud are you ok so he says I am ok then what about of hanuman so garud tells I tried to brign him but he is very arrogant in his meditation & I explained him who I am but sudama explains garud that no one should praise himself or the opposite person does not believe us then garud understands & Krishna says then I can’t meet hanuman then other arrogant devotee god kamodini of Krishna immerges saying when I am there then you do not have to worry so I’ll bring hanuman & Krishna allows him.

Kamodini goes to hanuman’s place & as he too tries to wake hanuman from his meditation then he also feels that hanuman is having arrogance in his meditation so he tries to wake hanuman with his powers by banging on the ground as it shakes then hanuman opens eyes & he asks him who are you & why are you here then he explains that I am here to take you along to my prabhu then hanuman tells him that now you are being sent after garudraj so he explains him that what prabhu requires we will do that for him & hanuman tells him that like I sent garud to his prabhu the same way I’ll send you too to him & he gets annoyed saying I will wipe out your arrogance now & he chants mantra to convert himself in weapon by which he goes towards hanuman to hit him but hanuman with his mouth force throws him towards the place from where he came.

Krishna says to sudam that hanuman must not do anything with kamodini & sudama explains him about hanuman’s great attitude which can’t harm anybody so easily.
Third arrogant god sudarshan comes telling Krishna that I will go & bring hanuman as kamodini can’t do this so Krishna asks him how you think & still kamodini has not come then too sudarshan says that I can’t see my prabhu waiting & Krishna allows him. Sudama asks Krishna that instead of taking such tests why you did not try explaining them then krishna replies some words are not taken seriously so these things are to be done practically & sudama accepts it.

Kamdini comes falling down too in krishan’s palace asking help & Krishna understands it he too failed like garud.Hanuman is roaming in the jungles plucking fruits & saying it happened good these devotees came & I woke up from my meditation as I am feeling hungry now or I wouldn’t had understood about my hunger. Sudarshan comes telling hanuman that now if you wish to have food then you will have it in my prabhu’s place so hanuman warns him that you disturb anytime but you should not disturb a person having food then too sudarshan is stubborn & he changes his form in chakra so hanuman says eating instead this food I’ll first gulp you & he gulps chakra while sudarshan keeps shouting help from prabhu.

Hanuman decides to go & meet Krishna & he flies towards dwarka as he feels such a good place & as he tries searching Krishna then he hears a voice calling him & he feels voice like his prabhu Ram so he searches everywhere while Krishna comes welcoming hanuman.
Hanuman is talking with shrikrishna seeing him that you look so eternal & asks him who are you so krishna tells him I am the same who called you to meet me from my devotees but why you didn’t listen to them so hanuman says that they did not give your proper introduction so they faced my powers so krishan tells him to release my devotee sudarshan & he accepts krishna’s request. As sudarshan is released he is shocked seeing prabhu Krishna in front of him so sudarshan i’ll bring hanuman immediately then Krishna explains him that there is no need as he is behind you so hanuman tells him still your arrogance is there in you & he bends his head. Krishna explains hanuman about his place which has lot of fruits & vatika too so hanuma tells him that first I’ll visit your vatika so that I can know you because you know about me a lot. Krishan directs sudarshan to show hanuman the vatika.

Siudam asks Krishna how come hanuman can’t recognize you then Krishna explains him about the past where he was cursed so sudama asks him to explain & there was a bridge to build on the sea which was left half the way so hanuman came for my help & supported me to bulid rest of the bridge on the sea by breaking mountains of stones & throwing it on the sea so shriram praises him & blesses hanuman. Hanuman comes to a huge mountain & thinks that if I take this along then all work will get finished of shriram so as he tries lifting the mountain then he is stopped by an old woman saying what are doing as I have still not completed my Pooja for Narayan then hanuman tells her that my shriram’s wr=ork is getting delayed so I have to take this along then she tells him wait till my Pooja completes then you can take this wherever you wish to but then too hanuman is adamant saying I can’t wait for my shriram’s work to stalled so please allow me to take this & he lifts the mountain while the woman curses hanuman saying that you won’t recognize anybody except your shriram & also if he takes avatar’s in various forms then too you can’t recognize & hanuman says I accept your curse as I only wish to have my shriram’s name in my heart & on my mouth & nobody else.

Krishan tells sudhama this the reason why hanuman can’t recognize me so sudhama tells krishan there must be some solution to wipe hanuman’s curse so Krishna says who has cursed him can only wipe his curse then sudama advises to search that old woman & krishna tells him she is there in in village shirpur doing business of curd & milk & her name is gomatimaiya.Gomatimaiya is selling milk & curd in village while a person comes telling her to give some milk for Pooja in temple then she tells him to give money & take milk so he tries to take help from her but she refuses then he again tells her to give on name of Krishna then too she refuses saying what god will help me in & he goes away telling her god will only see you.

Sudhama is wondering & asking Krishna how come the woman forget her devotion so krishna explains him that when a devotee curses then her devotion & love towards her god finishes from heart so sudhama says what kind of complications are these that a person’s devotion gets wiped out from heart & how the solution will arise of this then krishna tells him there is only one way out to make gomtimaiya again devotee. Sudhama says that friend now get ready to go to shirpur.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 7th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Sudhama says to gomtimaiya that whatever you eat take the name of Krishna and put bhog to him and then eat then you will feel that you have got all the blessings and have got purity from god and you should also eat that way then all the negativity from you will go away. Gomtimaiya says that if someone gets pure then the business won’t be able to get done. Krishna in disguise says to sudhama infront of gomtimaiya that friend tell maiya that what happens when a person does something in oppose of his/her behavior.


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