Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th September 2019 Written Episode Update


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th September 2019 Written Episode Update, Paramavatar Shri Krishna Written Update on

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th September 2019 Episode Start With Karna’s father is shouting telling him that several times I have told you there is no need for you to learn bow & arrow & your work is just to take care of horses & weapons. Karna is saying that I always had questioned with you why we do not have these rights too. So his father replies that because you are a sun’s son. Karna tells his father that I too have a question when I feel these horses are my bows so why I feel I should also become a warrior? As all my views go only towards becoming to hold bow & arrow then why can’t I ?

so his father explains him about the fate what we are in & what we people are bonded to do in our life which I am also doing it & you too have to do in future so you have to accept your truth of your life. Karna tells him I do not accept this as lord parshuram as a brahmin can acquire weapon in his hands & so I as sun’s son too have rights to think about my future & he leaves. Karna’s mother stops him telling to come home as there is no point arguing so he tells his mother that father is against my choice but I am born with these weapons which are in warriors hands. He tears his shirt showing his sign of weapon on his body with sun’s sign so he asks his mother why this sun sign is on my body then so she becomes mum telling him I have no answer & he leaves saying when you do not know about this who has given me birth then who knows.

Krishna is explaining Arjun about human’s birth life to know is his rights & the same thing was happening with karna to understand about his birth by doing those deeds which he was happy in doing & that’s what happened with karna.

Karna is restless sleeping in night thinking of his birth & dreaming as a child is left in a basket flown in water. He suddenly gets up saying the same dream so gets up to know the secret about it. His mother comes to his room seeing & surprised where he went. Karna is riding the horse in jungles while his mother comes to his father telling him about karna & he is telling her that I feel we have to disclose his truth so she says no as I am scared of we losing him & we will become childless again.

Karna is running towards sun on the mountain & he is asking sun god about his questions that why this sign of yours is on my body which I need to ask you only & what is my relations with you so tell me my life’s truth as whenever I am feeling low I think about you why? I need to understand this secret of my such a life by which my father mother also tells me to hide this sign of mine & to not show it to anybody. I need my answers sun god. His father & mother come running for his search shouting his name.

Karna is continuously asking questions to sun god for his answers as his father & mother gets shocked & fall down shouting in pain. Karna runs to save them both while his father gets up but his mother is unconscious & karna is pleading her to get up crying & promising her I won’t ask again about my life’s secret but to get up. He hold her hands while she is getting conscious & takes his name. She gets up hugging karna. Karna’s father is telling him actually we had to tell you earlier about but his mother interrupts telling him as if you wish to learn bow & arrow you can do as we won’t stop you & he gets very happy by hugging her as she tells him to not to forget her so he tells them i cannot forget you ever.

Karna’s father is explaining him about the actual warrior’s lessons & their work related to the warrior. He is telling him that to take such lessons you need a very good teacher but in our caste I do not know any such teacher so karna tells his father that I know such a teacher so he asks who & karna tells him “Gurudev Dronacharya” himself. So his father is surprised about dronacharya of hastinapur & karna tells him that you only say there must be a great teacher to teach so I will learn from this great teacher only.

All students are in dronacharya’s practice field while the guard is telling them to get ready with their weapons as dronacharya is arriving. Dronacharya arrives & all pray him. He tells all students that today’s test will make you understand yourself how much you are able to learn. He asks everybody that can you see the bird flowing upside so all say yes & he tells them that you need to poke its eyes by your arrow & whoever does this will be greatest warrior of bow & arrow. All are ready.

Dronarcharya calls dooryodhan & asks him what you see in front of you so he says I am seeing sky, tree, branches, leaves, birds & also you so gurudev tells him to go & he calls youdhistir asking him too what you see so he is saying I can see the bird, its wings, its kids who are crying for her to stay with them so gurudev tells him I expected the same answer from you & he calls Arjun to come in front & tell me what you see so he sees very brightly holding bow & arrow towards the bird & he tells gurudev that I can only see the eyes of the bird so gurudev tells him to shoot the target.



Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th September 2019 Written Episode Update Precap :Ashyothama is telling gurudev that target I also could had achieved but  I was slight reluctant so gurudev tells him that a slight reluctance could harm you so to learn to keep balance on your mind & heart which won’t affect you or it will curse your life.


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