Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Paramavatar Shri Krishna Written Update on

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 5th November 2019 Episode Start With sudama comes with food to give to Krishna & he tells him that I can’t prepare food but I have prepared this with all my love so krishna tells him to come near me & feed me with your hands. Sudama feeds Krishna very happily & Krishna eats it very emotionally. Krishna tells sudama eating this food makes me feel all the love is there of the entire world.

Krishna also tells him to ask any wish as you have never asked from me anything so sudama says you know that without your devotion I do not need anything so Krishna tells him to ask with rights of devotee so he asks I wish to get blessed by vaikunth so Krishna boons him to show vaikunth & as he goes towards vaikunth dham seeing to not to waste any time then he is stopped by somebody so as he comes in front of sudama then he realizes saying I know you are prabhu’s damodar gadha & damodar god tells him I do not have any difference in my thoughts so sudama keeps talking with damodar god as he asks sudama what you need & sudama tells him I wish to get blessed of vaikunth dham then damodar god gadha explains him that I won’t praise myself but you have to pray me then you can go ahead so he prays & damodar allows to go & visit vaikunth. Krishna says I know because of me you have become little arrogant with your devotion but sudama will wash your arrogance.

Sudama is stopped by bird & weapon gods again telling him to know what our importance is before going ahead so they explain him why prabhu has sent you & what we are for prabhu so you can go ahead & sudama thanks them. Krishna says your arrogant devotion will be broken by my this devotee itself.Sudama is visiting vaikunth dham appreciating about it but he searches his prabhu so prabhu comes telling him I am everywhere & he sees his prabhu Krishna in every corners so he chants krishna’s mantra.

Sudama praises Krishna telling him I am blessed by seeing vaikunth dham so Krishna tells him that you have to do one work for me so sudama tells Krishna to tell me & I’ll be honored to do your work then Krishna tells him to break arrogance of all those three devotees of me whom you met near vaikunth so sudama tells him they are your biggest devotees so Krishna explains him that’s why they have become arrogant so a great devotee like you only can break their arrogance of devotion & without you nobody can do this.

Sudama tells Krishna that I am only a simple family devotee of your’s & devotees arrogance can only be broken by him who has those powers within him & who is lost in his powerful devotion so Krishna says I understand about whom you are talking & it is none other than the only devotee after my ram avatar & ie. Mahabali hanuman. Hanuman is chanting mantra of jai shri ram & Krishna says now hanuman will only break my devotees arrogance so sudama advises that it is very simple as those devotees are to be sent to hanuman’s place & Krishna feels right advise so to plan accordingly. All three devotees come in krishna’s palace wondering why must have prabhu called us to meet him & Krishna tells them you have to do a work for me & they ask Krishna what is it so Krishna tells sudarshan to bring hanuman to meet me & they says this is a very simple work because we are your ultimate devotees who honor your instructions immediately. So Krishna tells them to do it.

Sudarshan says for such simple work why prabhu called us then bird god says I don’t know about you but he has remembered me because prabhu knows I can do it with lightning that’s why I am bird god & he goes telling them to rest.He reaches mahendragiri mountain to find hanuman & hanuman is meditating of shri ram’s name & he says where ram’s name then there is hanuman so he goes towards there but he does not find saying he is here only but why can’t he be seen then too I’ll search anyhow as I am narayan’s ultimate devotee called garud & because of me all problems wash out easily. Krishna says garud devotee has a lot of arrogance in him & sudama says in front of ram’s name nothing works & Krishna accepts sudama’s conclusion.

Garud tries to wake hanuman from his meditation towards ram telling him that shri Krishna has called you but hanuman does not get disturbed then garud gets angry so he throws his powers from his mouth towards hanuman to disturb him so hanuman opens his eyes saying who is this disturbing my meditation & hanuman asks him who are you so garud tells him I am shrikrishna’s devotee so hanuman tells him it’s good so go & devote for him & let me continue my devotion towards my prabhu ram. Garud says you don’t understand but I am here to tell you that you are called by my prabhu so hanuman says I can’t come as I am in meditation then garud says that if you don’t come then I will pull you with your tail & take you there so hanuman tells him to please make my tail change it’s place as it is tired since so many years being stilt on one place so garud tries but he can’t lift & also hanuman hits him by the tail. Hanuman lifts garud with the tail & throws him towards the place from where he came & seeing this Krishna smiles.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 6th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Hanuman is welcomed by Krishna at dwarka so hanuman asks who are you & Krishna tells him I am that who has called you so hanuman says so you are dwarkadhish shri Krishna so tell me why you called me here & Krishna is saying in his thoughts since so many years I was selfish to meet my devotee.


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