Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Paramavatar Shri Krishna Written Update on

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th November 2019 Episode Start With kanha lifting sudama shockingly for his eyes gone so he asks him how this happened so sudama explains of mrutyu devi taken away helplessly so kanha says this is terrible & says now how can you live without eyes so sudama says you are there for my eyes so why should i get scared.
Dev rishi asks Krishna then what happened so Krishna says I had only one way left.
Kanha says thinking you sacrificed for this world so I will give you my vision & you will henceforth see this world with my vision.

Krishna explains dev rishi since then sudama had my vision & whatever he use to see was with my eyes but inspite he sacrificing eyes again devi laxmi did not give him his fruit of devotion. Dev rishi says I understood but still I am not knowing that the sacrifice given by sudama for devi laxmi so will she give him back so krishna says now it’s on devi laxmi to decide.

Rukmini says never to sudama that I do not want your request nor you devotion so to please return back. Sudama explains her telling her that this is done only for my friend so please listen to me for my friend but she is adamant on her decision so he tries to convince her asking you tell me what you wish so I will do that whatever you want & she tells him there is one way only so he tells her I will do that once you tell me & if you wish then I will sacrifice my life too so asks him to be careful as I did not wished this but due to you shree is divided from hari so think then sudama says tell me once then she tells him to leave devotion of Krishna & he is depressed while Krishna understands & says what you did this asking such an unreasonable wish? Krishna says if you had told him to jump in fire he would had done that but he can’t sustain sacrificing devotion to Krishna.

Rukmini asks him what are you thinking as you were saying so big things & now you are in confusion so he says devotion to sacrifice? So she tells him I know you can’t but I was telling in our discussions so as your sacrifice for devotion is impossible like that shreehari joining together is impossible that’s why you go as this is not possible. Sudama tells her to stop as I had become selfish so she asks what selfish? then he explains about his selfishness towards krishna’s devotion so he promises her that I will take oath to sacrifice devotion of Krishna from tomorrow morning itself if this is to make shreehari come together again & Rukmini gets emotional. Krishna says how much you will sacrifice as you had only one support for your life that is devotion to Krishna & thinks saying what kind of difficulty is this that in this world a person has a separate place for his krishna’s devotion but I can’t stop this then too not to worry as in this world people will do devotion for krishna definitely.

People are singing prayers of shrikrishna while krishna in disguise of beggar ask them where are you going so they tell him today is Ekadashi & so we are going to do Pooja to our village for ekadashi of god chatrabhuj & he says I was also waiting for this day I was impressed with a devotee on this day & will make me meet him again.Krishna arrives at village where all are praying for prabhu Narayan & Vishnu. Krishna asks one of them that why sticks are there in devotees hands instead flowers so he tells that our god is in difficulty so he asks what kind of difficulty as god blesses all then prayer starts & he tells him will explain you later.

A person comes running saying what we were scared that only has happened that prabhu’s enemy nishad has come & brahman says we should not allow him to do anything wrong. Nishad comes laughing saying you are devoting to Narayan & nishad has come because he understands before Narayan what his devotees are doing so I will give you punishment but instead I will take away your Narayan itself so that no devotee will be there.

Rukmini is sitting in front of krishna’s statue talking because of sudama shreehari got separated so now this is going to finish soon as we both will become together again.
Brahman is challenging nishad saying now nothing will happen from you & we will stop you so he says you will stop me then to see my powers also as you have power of devotion & he takes out a sword warning them if anybody does anything then your neck will get cut. He goes to narayan’s statue saying what you thought you will be saved by me but no & never as this place will only be ruled by nishad & till I don’t wish nobody will do Pooja for Narayan & I will lift Narayan so as he tries then Krishna in disguise of beggar tells him to stop so nishad asks him who are you so he says think that I too am devotees devotee so he challenges him & tells all people to make explain him & lifts the statue & goes away. Krishna asks where does he goes so a person explains him. Krishna says he is none other than that devotee itself whom I am searching to meet.

Nishad brings statue in a den laughing saying everywhere narayan is there & talking in the den about food to Narayan. He is joking with narayan’s statue saying I will eat & not you so Krishna comes to his den seeing him while he says you have to make your habit without bhog. Krishna says today you have so much changed & that was time when you use to tell people to do my devotion & was waiting for me on ganga river.


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