Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th November 2019 Written Episode Update, Paramavatar Shri Krishna Written Update on

Paramavatar Shri Krishna 26th November 2019 Episode Start With all villagers are troubled while kanha comes in village & they come to ask what happened & kanha is quiet & they are crying for help from him while he says in himself that how can I tell you or talk with you as if I speak then you will also fall in trouble but they are cursing kanha saying you are also scared & become selfish with that devi’s attack & devi is telling kanha that see villagers are cursing you now & says this is only the start so she tries to fall pillar on a person but kanha tries to save him & as he falls then viad says he is dead but they say kanha had saved him so devi tells him that this will keep happening so kanha tells devi to come in front of me & to not to harm common people then she tells him to accept my wish so kanha tells her you once come in front of me then see what I do.

Dev rishi asks Krishna you are avatar then why you could not see mrutyu devi then he explains that I had taken birth as common person & under control of human ethics so it was difficult for me break rules of boon & that’s why I could not break boon given to mrutyu devi so dev rishi says but what was the reason to get such boon to mrutyu devi so Krishna explains about the past in which brahmadev had given boon to mrutyu devi for becoming reason of death so she had asked boon of nobody including gods too to see her so he boons her because if anybody sees her then they will run away form her.

Krishna explains dev rishi because of this boon nobody could see her & dev rishi asks him how was it resolved then Krishna explains when there is problem then solution is always there so I meditated for brahmadev & brahmadev immerges so kanha explains about mrutyu devi & he accepts the boon given to her & he explains that only that person can see her who is clean & pure by heart & has no selfishness then kanha tells him there is difficult to find such a person as you know so bahmadev tells kanha I know but there is only one person & that is your friend & kanha says is it sudama so brahmadev says yes & kanha thanks brahmadev by this I can save this world.

Kanha is searching sudama everywhere while devi says that inspite warning you, you are not understanding so now you will meet him only if he not alive so she tries to use her powers to kill sudama while he is meditating krishna’s prayer & he is unaffected. Devi is confused what is this happening. Kanha comes to sudama & tells him that you can help me as whole vrindavan is in problems so sudama asks when you are there then what kind of problem so kanha explains him that only you can see her but sudama tells him you can also see so kanha explains & insists him to help. Devi says before sudama does anything I have to do something.

Kanha forces sudama to help fast to stop this problem. Devi says this avatar of Narayan has not accepted my power & the whole world has to pay for this while sudama comes stopping her so she asks him can you see me so he tells her I can see you which is my honor so she asks him how can’t you get scared by seeing mrutyu so he praises her & her beauty saying you look so beautiful & she laughs asking him me & beautiful so he keeps praising her & she asks him what you want & he explains about death to her so she asks him what you want so he tells her to stop all this & you can win this with love only so she tells him if this world does not accept me then I will destroy this whole world. He says my friend says a person must do good deeds so he can be accepted but she is adamant on her acceptance or this will keep happening & she goes away.

Sudama says she is angry because of her non-acceptance by this world & he finds a solution so he meditates doing prayers for her. Mrutyu devi comes hearing his prayers while sudama keeps praying. Sudama explains importance of death & praises her. She gets emotional & tells son sudama to stop my praise. Sudama tells her if I explain then it will be short for you to praise so she tells him you have given me new way to live & all my ego is washed out now so he tells her seeing you my eyes also become stunned so she tells him I have understood my truth so I have to go away now but I have problems in front of me so he asks what problem then she tells him anybody who sees me, dies so he tells her whatever you give me I’ll accept so she tells him this is not time for you to die but with the eyes you have seen me I have to take those eyes so he explains her I do not need such outside eyes as i see my world within my heart so I accept your this gift so she takes his eyes & goes away.Kanha is searching sudama while sudama falling down says I am here & says that mrutyu devi has gone & has not done any killing too then kanha comes running seeing him asking what happened to your eyes.


Paramavatar Shri Krishna 27th November 2019 Written Episode Update Precap : Rukmini telling sudama because of you we are separated then he asks what can be the solution so she tells him to leave your meditation for Krishna. Krishna understands & says what you asked which is so unreasonable.


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