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Pandya Store 9th May 2022 Episode starts with Rishita accusing Shiva for cheat. She asks Dhara what will she say today about Shiva’s cheating. She says no one has anything to say, why do you get silent, tell me something.

Dhara says enough, its too much, I don’t know what you want to prove by showing this video, its not necessary that you always do a drama. Rishita says the judge isn’t lying, this is the truth of Shiva’s victory. The judge comes and says yes, this is the truth, but just half truth. Kamini worries. The judge says thanks Shiva for inviting me here, else your hardwork would have got ruined.

Kamini recalls fooling the judge and acting as a reporter. She thinks how did he come here. The judge says a woman came to my office, she said she is a journalist in a big media company, she asks me some questions and made me say these answers. Dhara looks at Rishita. The judge shows Kamini to them. He says she had come to my office that day. Janardhan asks what nonsense.

The judge says I asked my assistant to record the interview, check it. They see the recording of Kamini blaming Shiva intentionally. The judge clears Shiva’s name and says the competition was fair, Shiva has won because he deserved it, he has won by his talents, not by any cheat and fixing, you don’t make such stories, make the truth reach the people.

Rishita cries and scolds Kamini. She says you have done too wrong, you always embarrass me in front of my Sasural. She apologizes to Shiva. Suman says ask your Bua, she left her work and got after our family, you came to question Shiva’s sincerity, ask Kamini. She asks them to leave from her house.

Janardhan and Kamini leave. Rishita says Shiva, I m …. Raavi asks her didn’t she hear what Suman said. She says you spoke calmly when it was your family’s mistake, you didn’t just lose in competition but also in your relations, because you believe others, its not your mistake, your family taught this to you.

Shiva stops Raavi. She says not today, Rishita always comes and scolds us, she will get scolded today. Dhara says no one will scold anyone, end the matter here. Rishita says you all always insult us, Dev isn’t here so you are taking an advantage, I will never forget this. She cries and goes with Kirti. The guests also leave.

Shiva and Raavi also go. Dhara says I can’t tolerate this. Gautam says everything will be fine, don’t lose courage. She hugs him and cries. Raavi sits crying. Shiva comes. She says sorry, I made a mistake. He says say sorry to Dhara. Gautam asks Dhara not to cry. Raavi says she will scold me. Shiva asks her to come. Rishita gets angry and scolds Kamini.

She says I think I have to leave this house now. Raavi apologizes to Dhara. Dhara says we also have much faults, not just Rishita, the day you will convince her, then you will not dislike her. Raavi says I have accepted her. Dhara says no, you think she is Janardhan’s daughter, but she is our family bahu also.

Kamini and Rishita argue. Rishita asks Kamini to admit her mistake. She goes. Dhara asks Raavi not to get angry. She says if I m not there, will you all fight and break the family. Raavi hugs her and says I wish you get my age also, I have hurt you, I will apologize. She messages Rishita. Dhara hugs her.

Rishita talks to Dev. He asks her to take care and says I love you. Rishita gets Raavi’s message. She says she insulted me in front of everyone and then sent this sorry. Shiva and Raavi come to their room and see the decorations. She leaves. He also goes away. Dhara is in kitchen. Raavi comes there. She says you did it right. Dhara asks what did I do now. Raavi says you decorated the room right.

Dhara says yes, it’s a small gift for Shiva and you, something is happening since the marriage happened, so I thought your married life has started… Raavi says you thought wrong, our married life didn’t start yet. Dhara asks what. Shiva asks Gautam what’s all this. Gautam asks what happened, why are you angry. Shiva says my room, I won’t sleep there. Krish hears them. Dhara says it has to start someday. Raavi says no, I m scared, try to understand. Dhara asks what, go now.


Pandya Store 10th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The officials come to break Pandya store. Shiva holds the board. Dev comes to help Dev says your way is wrong. The official threatens him about the new store. Everyone worries.

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Telecast Date:9th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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