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Pandya Store 8th January 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 8th January 2022 Episode starts with Raavi talking to Anita. She says Shiva was going to tell me I love you, I m thinking to give him a chance. Anita says no. Raavi asks what. Anita says nothing, you should go with Dhara to the hospital. Raavi says you changed a lot, I will go with Dhara. Anita says I will snatch Dhara’s happiness, I will not let you and Shiva unite, sorry I have to do this for my happiness.

Its morning, Suman blesses Dhara and Gautam. She asks where is everyone, who is going with you. Dhara says Dev and Shiva are busy. Suman asks where is Rishita. Dhara says don’t know. Suman says you should know it.

Gautam says she is already upset with us, we should give her some time. Suman says fine, where is Raavi, you will give excuse for her also. Raavi decorates the room to surprise Shiva. Suman asks Dhara to go and get a good news. Raavi comes and says you are going alone, won’t you take me along. Dhara smiles and hugs her.

Dhara says I was waiting for you, thank God, your anger is over. Raavi says no, but I thought I should come with you. Suman says thank God, you got senses. Raavi gets sad and complains. Dhara says I didn’t know matter will reach here. Suman asks Raavi why did she lock the door, did you get a treasure from Maayka.

Raavi says I had an extra lock so I locked it. Suman says Raavi didn’t lock the door before. Dhara, Raavi and Gautam leave for the hospital. Krish wishes them good luck. Anita is with Kamini. Kamini says don’t get nervous, you are Dhara from now, you have the file photocopy, right. Anita says understood.

She sees Gautam and hides. Shiva is at the shop. He thinks of Raavi. He says we are the own villain of our love story. He says I promise I will not go away from Raavi if she becomes like before. He gets a call. Krish says Raavi, Dhara and Gautam went to the hospital. Shiva says its good. He turns and sees Raavi. He smiles. She asks him to come to him. He gets close to her. They have a romantic moment. Jeena hai….plays…. He gets close to kiss her.

Dev asks Shiva to move away. He slaps Shiva. He asks him to go and kiss Raavi. Shiva sees the people looking on. Suman goes to break the lock. She catches a sprain. She shouts. Krish runs to her. He takes her to hospital. Raavi wishes Dhara all the best. Rishita says new day, new job. She meets the colleague Pratha.

She gets Dhara’s message. She says I should have wished her. She sends the audio message to wish Dhara. Dhara replies her. Nurse asks are you Dhara Pandya. Anita says yes. Krish brings Suman there. Suman sees Anita. She says I will call Anita. She sees Kamini with Anita. Kamini gives a glass of juice to Anita.

Anita thanks her. Kamini says I will fulfill all your dreams. Suman asks what are they talking. Kamini says someone else’s dream will be broken, no one will stop you from becoming Mrs. Gautam Pandya. Suman gets shocked. Dhara is waiting.


Pandya Store 15th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Kamini says burn the A wing. Suman calls Shiva to the hospital. Shiva comes to the hospital and asks where is Dhara. Dhara is with Gautam. They see the smoke coming.

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Telecast Date:8th January 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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