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Pandya Store 6th October 2021 Episode starts with Rishita finding Shiva and Raavi under the bed. She asks with whom are you playing hide and seek here. Shiva says don’t tell anyone, swear on Dev. Rishita says forget it, everyone is blaming my dad, come out, else I will get the broom. Everyone comes. Rishita says now there is no time. Shiva and Raavi hide their faces. Everyone finds them under the bed. Gautam asks them to come outside. Shiva and Raavi come out. Rishita looks at them.

She asks Krish not to take her dad’s name again. Krish says sorry. Rishita says you both meet as Laila Majnu and fight in front of everyone, did you go to the court or on some date, sort it out, you troubled the entire family, nonsense. She goes. Dhara says Dev, she is right, everyone blames Janardhan always. She asks Krish not to say anything if he doesn’t understand.

Raavi says Shiva was asking me to sleep here, Krish shouted, so we got scared and got hid under the bed, nothing happened, I will sleep now. Krish says Shiva, you should have told me that you are taking Raavi. Shiva asks how do you get this talent. Krish says everyone beats me, I got hurt today itself. They all laugh. They leave from the room.

Shiva sits outside. Dhara says when someone’s love doesn’t end, why to crush the feelings, you are divorcing her, you worry for her. Shiva says she was sleeping strangely, I thought to make her sleep in the room. She asks how long will you lie, accept it if Raavi is in your heart, stop this wrong from happening, think about it, sleep now, good night.

Rishita says this family always blames my dad. Dev comes. She scolds him. He gets a balm for her headache. He says sorry. She says you said the same last time. She says this is the last time. They argue. Shiva recalls Raavi. He takes Dev’s tshirt to try. Rishita comes there and sees him. She says its Dev’s tshirt. She goes back.

Its morning, everyone prepares for the puja. Suman asks Dhara not to lift anything. Krish says I will do it. Dhara applies sindoor. Suman prays for Dhara’s happiness. Dhara smiles. Raavi sees Shiva. Dhara asks Rishita to take the sindoor. Rishita applies it. Dhara asks Raavi does she need an invitation to take the sindoor. Suman says its not necessary, divorce is going to happen. Dhara says divorce didn’t happen yet, Raavi has to apply sindoor. Suman says divorce will happen soon.

Dhara says let her apply sindoor today, I have learnt from you, how to keep relations, taking sindoor means taking blessings for the jodi, I think Raavi should do this for Shiva. Rishita asks who are you and Suman to decide, let Raavi decide. Dhara asks Raavi what does she want. Rishita asks Raavi to say, will she take sindoor for a relation that’s just on papers, your relation broke by heart, you fight sometimes and then meet secretly under the bed, what is it. Suman asks Rishita to stop it. She says I m Maha Saas, not you.

Kalyani says I will get hot water for your relief. Janardhan recalls Gautams slap. He asks Kalyani to leave him alone. He throws the water tub. Kamini comes and scolds him. He tells that he is angry because he lost, because of them, they gave freedom to Rishita, she keeps coming home in his absence. Kamini says its a bad thing to suspect family, don’t vent anger on me. Janardhan says you are supporting Rishita. She says you could run away because of her, she came running to save you, she fought her family for you. He thinks what happened to her, why is she praising Rishita, I will find out what they are hiding. He goes. Kamini and Kalyani talk. Kamini says he is also right,

he is doing this for his respect and business, and we are doing this for our daughter. Raavi prays. She says whatever we get from Mata rani will be a blessing for Shiva and me. Dhara says as you wish. Raavi takes the sindoor and applies. Dev says we should also do something for our wives. Gautam says yes, he is right. He does the tilak to himself. He looks at Shiva. Dev also applies the tilak. Gautam asks Shiva to apply the sindoor, like Raavi kept the respect by applying it. Shiva looks at Raavi.


Pandya Store 7th October 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Suman says Jalsa is starting, Rashmi didn’t come. She blesses Shiva. Raavi worries. Dhara says I won’t let Shiva’s second marriage happens. Suman says we shall see.

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Telecast Date:6th October 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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