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Pandya Store 6th November 2021 Episode starts with Dhara’s phone going off. Suman says I will go and see Dhara, she did much wrong. She comes to room and sees Dhara falling dizzy. She asks Dhara to hold her and sit on the bed. She makes Dhara lie on the bed. She says I have come, everything will get fine.

Dhara says I m feeling restless. Suman says it happens. She calls Raavi. She says I thought you are doing a drama, I have come, don’t worry. She asks Dhara to have water, she will just come. She rushes and gets water and cloth. She takes care of Dhara. She sings a lullaby for Dhara. Dhara cries. Suman makes her sleep.

A man asks for Dev Pandya’s house. Dev asks why. The man says Kalyani has sent this washing machine. Dev pays the money and says tell Janardhan that we don’t take charity, take it away. He gets angry on Rishita. Gautam comes home. Everyone signs him to not come ahead. Gautam asks why are you all signing like this. Suman throws a plate at him. She asks with whom do you have an affair, how did you lose your path.

Gautam asks which girl. Suman says if I know you are doing wrong, I will not leave you and that girl, if you trouble Dhara. He says Dhara is mistaken. She scolds him. She says Dhara is unwell since morning. Gautam says Dhara needs me right now, I will first see her. He runs to Dhara. Shiva says he ran to Dhara, he worries for her, you think he can have an affair. Suman says no, why is Dhara thinking so.

Gautam comes to Dhara and asks are you fine. Dhara says yes, I m fine, I called the doctor, but couldn’t talk, Suman’s love worked as medicine, she loved me a lot, I m very happy. Prafulla pastes the posters. Anita asks what are you doing. Prafulla says I have to get Raavi married before Shiva gets married. Anita goes. A guy comes and says I m the perfect guy for Raavi. Prafulla scolds him. Gautam and brothers make prayers in front of Darshan’s pic. Suman cries and hugs all of them.

Gautam says if dad was alive today, then he would have been so happy. She smiles. Dev says we will open many branches soon. Shiva says we will work hard and fulfill dad’s dream. She says you have your dad’s blessings, he always told me that Gautam will never let the family break, its true, you united your brothers. Krish wards off bad sight. Suman says his drama started. Shiva says you can’t take the credit again, Dhara also supported. Suman says yes, he is right,

Dhara has handled my kids well, I wish we get a Radha home. Gautam gets sad. He gets Anita’s call. Anita asks is everything fine. He asks why, are you coming in bhoomi puja. She says I m fine, is Dhara coming in puja. He says yes, you can come. Dhara thinks who is he talking. He says I will talk with the supplier later. Dhara asks didn’t you get ready. He says I will make you ready first.

He shows the gajras. Dev asks for Shiva. Raavi says I didn’t see. Suman asks for Dhara. Raavi goes to call Dhara. Gautam says you look beautiful. Dhara asks didn’t you get another hajra. He asks why. She says just like that. He says I will wait for you. She checks his phone. She says number deleted, wow. Raavi comes and sees Dhara looking for gajra. Dhara says Gautam called a girl in bhoomi puja, he deleted the number, see. Raavi asks what happened now, Gautam isn’t like Shiva. Suman calls them.

Gautam asks Dev not to worry, Rishita will come. Suman asks why didn’t Disha come. Anita comes. Gautam says Dhara, you are coming with me, right. Dhara refuses. Anita greets them. Dhara says I will go with Suman, get Anita with you. She goes with Suman in the auto rickshaw. Shiva asks Raavi to sit on the bike. Suman says Raavi won’t go. Disha comes. Suman says Disha has come. Dev says but Shiva asked Raavi to sit. Suman asks why will Raavi sit on the bike when she isn’t ready to live with him. Disha sits on Shiva’s bike. Raavi looks on.


Pandya Store 15th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Suman stops Raavi from doing the rituals. She says Disha will do this.

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Telecast Date:6th November 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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