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Pandya Store 6th May 2022 Episode starts with Shiva celebrating his victory. He sees his teacher and classmates. They congratulate him. She asks Shiva to join coaching classes whenever he wants. He thanks her. Everyone dances with him. Dhara says you have won in such a way that entire Somnath is proud of you. He hugs her.

Kamini comes to Rishita and says its okay, he won because of fraud, else you would have won. Shiva thanks Dhara for encouraging him. he says this victory is of you also. Dhara cries happily. Everyone smiles. Dhara hugs Shiva. Shiva says this victory is of my lovely mum, its of Gautam. He hugs Suman and Gautam. Yaadon ki baraat…..plays… He says this victory is of Krish and Raavi, the entire Pandya family won today.

Rishita says you can’t blame them without any proof, stop it. Kalyani says you couldn’t understand their plans, Gautam’s illness was a drama to get sympathy. Shiva enters the shop and prays near his dad’s pic. He gives the cheque to Gautam. He hugs Gautam and Dhara. Dhara says we will have a grand party. Suman jokes. They all laugh.

Shiva gets gifts for everyone. Dhara asks did you get this gift for me. Shiva says yes. Dhara cries and hugs him. Suman says you got it for Dhara. Shiva says I got the most beautiful bangles for you. He makes her wear it.

Shiva gifts a watch to Gautam. Krish asks for his gift. Shiva gives him a tshirt. Krish thanks him. Gautam asks didn’t you get anything for Dev and Rishita. Shiva says I got it, but I know they won’t take it, its no use, I opened a FD for the coming baby. They all smile.

Shiva says I thought to get gift for everyone. Dhara says yes, keep the money safe now. Shiva says we have to return money to Janardhan and end the matter today. Raavi scolds him. Suman asks what nonsense. Raavi says sorry, he didn’t get anything for me. Suman asks will you call him stupid. Raavi says yes, I m his wife, he should get a gift for me. Shiva gives her a gift. She asks is it for me.

He says yes. Raavi says it will be a big necklace. Suman says you just got bangles for me. Raavi checks the box. Shiva smiles. Raavi sees chocolates in the box. Shiva says you like chocolates, you didn’t grow up, have chocolates, don’t cry, we will prepare for the party. Gautam says I have got posters printed for Shiva and Rishita, its win of both of them. They like the posters. Dhara says don’t tell this to Krish. Raavi gets upset with Shiva.

Rishita is upset in her room. Dhara comes to meet her. She hugs Rishita and asks are you okay. She shows the earrings Shiva has got for her. Rishita says he should have come here, take this away, I don’t want. Dhara says Shiva will give the gift to you when you come in the party. Rishita says he won by cheat.

Dhara asks what are you saying, you don’t understand his heart. Rishita says I understood all of you well, I won’t come in party. Dhara still insists her to come. She leaves. Shiva and Raavi get ready for the party. He compliments her. She says I don’t want to talk to you.

He says your anger is high, why. She says you irritate me, you didn’t get any gift for me. Kamini says you wanted a proof, right, take this pendrive, the story of Shiva’s win. Shiva smiles seeing Raavi. Rishita thinks to go and expose Shiva in the party.


Pandya Store 7th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishita plays the judge’s interview video. She says this is the great story of Shiva’s greatness, he fell low to make me lose, he is a cheat. Dhara cries.

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Telecast Date:6th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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