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Pandya Store 6th May 2021 Episode starts with Rishita screaming aloud. Everyone hears her scream. Dev wakes up and asks what happened. She asks him to see there, someone is there. Dev doesn’t see anyone. Raavi says it was Rishita’s voice, why did the lights go. Gautam says I will see the lights, you go to Rishita. Shiva worries. Rishita says Kesar’s ghost. Dev looks outside and says there is no one. Dhara and Shiva come and ask what happened. Shiva calls out Krish. Rishita says I had seen Kesar. Shiva thinks Krish did a good work, Rishita is a coward. Krish hides from Gautam. Rishita says Shiva, you told about the Chudail, tell Dhara. Shiva says no, I asked you to get saved from my Chudail, Raavi, you know Dev that I don’t believe all this. Rishita says you are lying. Shiva says I was just fooling Krish, he is the youngest. Raavi asks Krish why is he running. She sees the bindi and asks him. Krish says I was doing puja, its tilak, not bindi. She asks puja at this time. He says let me go. She sees th potli fallen. Dev says there is no ghost. Rishita says trust me, there is a ghost. Gautam says no, I come here since childhood.

Dhara asks Rishita not to believe in ghosts. Raavi says you kept puja items in potli. Krish stops her and asks are you a spy, why did you scream. She says I didn’t, Rishita screamed. He says then go and see. She says yes, you are right. She goes. He says Gautam and Dhara would have caught me, I should run away. Dev asks Dhara to take rest, he is with Rishita. Dhara says call us if you need help. She asks Rishita not to get scared. She goes. Shiva asks did you see the spirit at this window. Dev asks him to go. Shiva says I was saying for her good, don’t go near the window. Raavi runs and collides with Shiva. She says Krish was running, here you are running. They argue. He says think if I become a ghost and get after you, then…. He goes. She says he is leaving me alone. She asks why did you go out of the room secretly. He says I was hungry. He asks where were you some time back. She says you don’t ask me. He says Rishita saw a spirit, was it you. She asks what, where is it. He scares her and runs away. She asks him to stop.

She runs after him. He laughs and says I had fun in fooling you. She says you look different when you laugh. Krish comes to his room and says its not easy to become Chudail, I will hide this here, no one will see it. He sees the same girl going. He thinks what is she doing here at this time, did I fall in love with a spirit, I will switch on the lights. Shiva and Raavi argue a lot. He asks her not to get scared and just sleep. He sleeps on the bed. She also sits there and sleeps. Shiva looks at her. Prafulla argues with the taxi driver. Suman comes with Anita. Suman beats Prafulla with a stick. Prafulla says sorry, I didn’t see you. Suman says I shocked you. Prafulla thinks Anita is mad to get Suman. Suman says you didn’t say you are going to my children. She taunts Prafulla. Anita laughs.

Rishita packs her bags and doesn’t listen to Dev. Gautam says we four brothers will stay here. Pandit says you have to do puja in pairs. Gautam says sure. Pandit says you have to do puja with pandits here every day, puja shouldn’t get spoiled. Gautam says puja will happen as you say. Dev asks Rishita to listen for the sake of his love. She stops and says I stopped for your sake, you have to see my security. Dev promises to be with her.


Pandya Store 7th May 2021 6th May 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dev sees Raavi and gets away from Rishita. He says sorry. Rishita insults Raavi. Dhara sees Raavi crying.

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Telecast Date:6th May 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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