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Pandya Store 6th February 2021 Episode starts with Anita saying Gautam’s video isn’t getting downloaded. Her friends tease her. Saroj asks Anita to come fast, Gautam in the mandap. Anita and Gautam exchange the garlands. Prafulla asks about the other bridal dress. Anita says that one was my fav. Hardik says Suman has sent it by me, I forgot it in Gautam’s room. She asks did you hide it to use it for Dhara’s marriage. Hardik asks why would I do this, I will get it. He goes. Anita gets her phone. Anita goes to change. Shiva asks why is Prafulla wearing Suman’s bangles, is this a ritual. Mama hears this and says Shiva has seen your bangles. Shiva asks Prafulla to give Suman’s bangles. Gautam asks Shiva to leave her hand. Shiva asks Mama to say the truth. Mama says Suman gave me these bangles. Prafulla says Suman gave me the bangles, is it wrong. Gautam asks Shiva to leave her. She says I will call the bride. She goes to Anita. She says I have taken Suman’s bangles, Darshan wanted to get same bangles for me and passed away, so I took these bangles.

Dhara consoles Shiva. Gautam asks how did Mami get mum’s bangles. Mama says leave it, its women matters. Gautam says I m worried, I couldn’t know these things till now. Mama worries. He says don’t insult us, I will get bangles for Suman. Gautam says sorry. Anita checks Gautam’s video. Anita and her family get shocked. Prafulla says Pandya store is mortgaged, if this is true, then Anita will become a maid. Anita says Gautam is clever than Prafulla, he was going to cheat me. Prafulla says I got cheated. Pandit asks them to call the bride. Prafulla gets Anita there. She says I heard Suman’s taunts all life but thought good for your house, why did you do this Gautam. Everyone gets shocked. Prafulla says you ruined everything, take this slipper and beat on my head. She gets angry. Mama asks what happened to you. Prafulla says Suman has snatched the ground off my feet, Suman is a fraud. Gautam and his brother shout Mami….

Prafulla says shut up, they all want to bite me, they all are fraud. Gautam asks what happened. Dhara stops Shiva. Prafulla says Pandya store is mortgaged, right, you knew it, you came for marriage, you told this to us now, you wanted to cheat us and ruin Anita’s life. Anita gets angry and tears the garland. She throws garland at Gautam. Everyone gets shocked.

Anita asks how did you think that I will marry a poor man, this marriage won’t happen. Shiva says Anita, how dare you shout on Gautam. Gautam stops Shiva. Prafulla says its all because of me, I should have not talked about marriage in this family. Mama asks what’s this madness. Pandit asks do you want to get marriage done or not. She says marriage won’t happen here. Gautam says Anita, don’t marry, fine, I will respect your every decision, I tried to tell you, you spoke of something else, jewellery, clothes, honeymoon, I couldn’t tell you. Anita says you aren’t excited for the marriage, you won’t care for my feelings. She cries. He says I do care, that’s why I had sent that video so that you know everything, I didn’t wish to break your heart, I asked you to wear mum’s saree and come to tulsi vrindavan if you are ready for marriage. Hardik asks what’s this confusion, who did the ritual if Anita just saw the video. Gautam asks Anita about the confusion. Anita says Dhara has come there wearing that saree. Dhara cries. Gautam looks at her.


Pandya Store 1st February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Hardik says Gautam will get married. Prafulla asks who will marry him. Hardik says Dhara…. Dhara refuses. She says I don’t want to become a temporary ointment for a wound. Hardik says Gautam is your prince charming. Dhara gets ready and comes for marriage.

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Telecast Date:6th February 2021
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