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Pandya Store 5th August 2022 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 5th August 2022 Episode starts with Rishita saying so Raavi has given money to shut him up. She asks how can you do this for 300-400rs. Dhara says you have shown the house in the videos, if anyone comes to steal then…

Raavi says everyone does this, I m earning money. Suman scolds them for keeping the money to themselves. She asks where is the money, how much did you get. Rishita says we will know it when we check the room. Raavi says I m going to give the good news to you. She gives the money, saying its 50000rs.

They all get surprised. Suman asks 50000rs, did you steal this from my safe? Raavi says no, I have earned it by making videos. Suman asks 50000rs for few videos? Raavi says yes, there is a lot of things. She shows the hampers. Krish says wow, we got another earning member in our house,

I will get more pocket money. Gautam says I knew it, Raavi isn’t doing anything wrong, people look for influencers, I m proud of her. Dev says me too. Rishita says yes, she has shown money to Suman and made her quiet.

Suman says don’t taunt me, its good for us, make the videos and earn money. Rishita asks did she give the money to you before, she got caught. Shiva says she was going to tell you. They all laugh. Suman asks did anyone joke here. Gautam hugs Shiva.

Dev says welcome to the club, we should support Raavi. Rishita says I have a problem, my videos shouldn’t be made. Dhara says she is right. Suman says make videos in my room. Raavi apologizes for making the family videos.

Suman says we will take the video of your sit ups and upload. She takes her phone and goes live. She asks Raavi to upload it right away. Suman checks. Raavi says sorry everyone, I will not do this again. Rishita goes. Dhara says her anger is right, I also didn’t get convinced. Raavi says I will convince you. They all hug Raavi. Yaadon ki baraat….plays… They all dance.

Dev asks Rishita to have sweets. She eats and says its nice. He asks her not to taunt Raavi, she is family, they should support her. He says she deserves it, she worked hard. She says she had made the videos secretly,

she is talented. He says enough, don’t get jealous, go and work if you want. She says you want to send your pregnant wife outside, I can’t take risk. He asks her not to get scared. She asks the baby to stay in my tummy.

She asks him to go and not irritate her. She says Raavi thinks she is the smartest of all. He says its useless arguing with her. Raavi goes live on the social media. She gets a call from the bank manager. She says I don’t want a loan. He says no, we want to get a promotional shoot, can you come tomorrow. She says I have to ask my family once. He says you can get one lakh for this work.

Suman hears Dhara talking to Chiku. She worries. She says I have save Dhara, else… Dhara asks Chiku to have the milk. Raavi thinks he offered me 1 lakh. She says I m interested. She asks for 2 lakhs. He says our budget is not much, we will fix it at 1.25 lakhs. She thinks to take risk. She says we will make the deal at 1.50 lakhs. He says okay done. She jumps happily. Ek zindagi meri…..plays….

She asks how will you pay. He says come for the shoot, we will make the payment. She asks him to give cash, not the cheque. He says I will give the demand draft, thanks, have a good day. She smiles. She says I will tell everyone but… if this is a prank call then… I will be insulted, let me get money first then I will tell everyone.

Suman thinks to open a bank account. She says I have many things to do tomorrow, I should sleep now. Raavi gets a call at night. Shiva wakes up and goes to see. She asks them to choose light colour dress, don’t send the car,

I will come myself. He thinks how is she talking in low tone, something is wrong. She thinks everyone will praise me now. She turns and sees Shiva. He says don’t shout, who were you talking to.


Pandya Store 6th August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Raavi gives the money and says I had a bank shoot today. Shiva asks her about the guy, and scolds her.

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Telecast Date:5th August 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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