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Pandya Store 3rd November 2022 Shweta going inside the kitchen to execute the next stage of her plan. She offers Dhara to help her and promises that she will win the family over with her sincere efforts and love.

Raavi makes labels for her gifts. She places them on the shirts she intends to gift Shiva, Dev, Gombi, and Arnav. She sees Shiva coming inside the room and decides to hide the shirts from her. Shiva sees her doing so and wonders what she is hiding.

Shweta sees Rishita and tells Dhara that she has bought a gold ring for Chikoo from the money she gave her. She also tells her that she appreciates her decision for saving money so that Raavi and Shiva can go to Goa. Rishita hears their conversation and confronts Dhara. She yells at Dhara and says that we have money for Goa trip when Chutki will have to celebrate Diwali with limited means.

Rishita blames Dhara for lying and asks her to use the entire money and send Raavi and Shiva to Goa. Rishita says that Chutki too has her nana nani who can also buy gold ring for her but she never asks for their help because of Dev. She also says that Shiva and Raavi will only fight in Goa just like they fight here. Rishita decides to go to her parent’s place as they will do all that Pandya family can’t do for her and Chutki.

Shweta packs her belonging while Shweta pretends to be apologetic. Dhara asks her to keep her mouth shut as she does not know when and what to speak. Shweta is pleased to see her plan work while Rishita leaves the house with Chutki.

Suman comes to the hall and asks where is she going. Rishita says that she is going to her parent’s place so that she can celebrate Diwali the way it should be. She also calls them middle class. Gombi tries to make Rishita understand but she denies it and says that she has made up his mind.

Shiva looks at the gifts and gets pleased to see the gifts. He then sees a label with Arnav’s name on it and loses his cool. She compares the price of shirts and wonders which one is for him.

Meanwhile, Dhara is also trying to calm Rishita down and says that she has brought new clothes for Chutki. Rishita says that it is not fair that Chikoo gets gold while Chutki only gets clothes. She demands a gold ring or bracelet for Chutki. Suman finally loses her cool and says that she can leave if she wants but when she returns she wants to see her loaded with gold. Suman says that she wants to see how much his father can spend on her.

Shiva tries to intervene and says that he will get gold for Chutki once he receives payment for the sales of the store. Rishita says that she wants gold for Chutki and she wants it now.

Raavi tells Rishita to calm down and says that she is not going to Goa with Shiva. Suman is shocked to hear this and asks who is going where. Suman says that she also wants to go to Goa. Raavi says that Rishita will be pleased to know that she is not going to Goa as she will not get any more leaves from the office. She says that it will be better for her to stay in the office and learn a few things from Arnav.

Shiva is furious to hear Arnav’s name again and again while Shweta is elated to see her plan work.


Pandya Store 4th November 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The Pandya family lights diyas in the house. The travel agent comes to deliver the deliver tickets for the Goa trip. Shweta’s father gets infuriated and asks Dhara to spend Chikoo’s money only for Chikoo.

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Telecast Date:3rd November 2022
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