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Pandya Store 31st August 2021 Episode starts with Suman calling you Dhara and Gautam. She goes out on the wheelchair. Rishita calls Kirti. Suman calls out Dhara. She stands outside washroom. She asks Rishita to call Dhara. Rishita says Dhara isn’t at home, Gautam took her to the market. Suman says you take me to bathroom. Rishita says they would be coming. She goes and talks to Kirti. Suman calls her. Rishita says coming. She gets a call. The lady asks her to come on video call for the interview. She attends the job interview. Suman asks her to come fast. Gautam and Dhara eat the golgappas. She asks him to have spicy one. Gautam takes her challenge. He eats spicy one. She says I want to eat sweet one. He says I know, you are doing this for me. She says I have to treat your stomach ache. Suman tries to go to the washroom herself. Rishita is busy. Suman tries to open the door. She gets shocked seeing the urine passed out. She cries. Gautam takes the sweet golgappas. Dhara says you wanted to have the spicy ones. She takes him.

Prafulla shows Raavi’s pic to a pandit. She says find a NRI guy for her, he won’t know about the girl’s divorce. Pandit says you want me to lie. Prafulla says no. Anita and Raavi come. Raavi gets angry and argues with Prafulla. She says this divorce is a big failure of my life. She cries. She says I want to get Shiva, but I failed. Shiva is at the shop. Kaka says I will go for delivery. Shiva says I will take it. Prafulla says Shiva is bad-hearted.

She says all the things are over now, you can’t go back. Raavi says one relation broke and you came to join another, don’t do this, I feel hurt, you fix Anita’s alliance, you didn’t find a nice guy for her. Prafulla says she is dreaming of marrying Gautam, that’s why. Anita stops her. Raavi looks at Anita. Dhara and Gautam have a moment. He starts coughing. She goes to get water. Raavi says I won’t let you do this with Dhara. Anita says you are taking wrong person’s side, Dhara was happy on your divorce. Raavi says I can’t do wrong with her, I will never support you, I will tell them the truth. Anita says its Prafulla’s story to make us fight. She asks Prafulla to say something. Raavi gets her friend’s call. She says I m going to my friend’s house to get notes, I will never support the wrong, Anita knows this well. She leaves. Anita scolds Prafulla and goes. Rishita gets the job. She thanks the lady. The lady says you have to join in 15 days. Rishita says done. She goes to tell Dev.

Dev comes home. Rishita dances happily. She says I got the job, 50000rs is starting salary, it will increase after training. Dev says congrats and hugs her. Suman is there. They see Suman near the washroom door. Rishita says we will tell mum. Dev asks why are you sitting like this. Rishita asks is everything fine. Dev asks why are you tensed, did anything happen, did Prafulla come, did Dhara…. Rishita says there is no one at home, what happened. Suman cries. Dev asks are you fine. Suman says call Dhara fast. Dhara gets water for Gautam. She says I feel tensed, I want to go home. Gautam says there is nothing to worry. Dev says Dhara isn’t at home. Rishita says she went out with Gautam. Suman says call Dhara. Dev asks what happened, tell me, I m your son, tell Rishita at least. Rishita sees the floor. She recalls Suman’s words. She thinks how did I make such a big mistake. She cries. Dev sees Rishita. He looks on the floor. He gets back. Dev and Rishita cry.

Pandya Store 1st September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhara comes home. She sees Suman crying. Suman gets angry on her. Anita looks on.

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Telecast Date:31st August 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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