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Pandya Store 30th June 2021 Episode starts with Shiva asking Raavi to check the gift. Raavi checks it. He says its your fav. She gets a fake lizard. She shouts and hugs him. He smiles. Everyone looks on and laughs. Raavi says I will not leave you today. Shiva says you are always scared of a plastic lizard. Krish says its not the day to fight, we will dance and have fun, come. Dhara says they can never change. Gautam laughs. Everyone dances. Its the time for disco…plays.. Shiva gets a call. He says you arranged the money, fine, I will meet you with the truck. He asks Suraj to send the truck, customer will get the money. Rishita says something is wrong, I can sense it. Dev kisses her. She smiles.

He thinks its a good way to stop her from talking. Suman also dances. Janardhan talks to Suraj and smiles. Shiva comes to the room. He sees Raavi and smiles. She says thank me that I came back, understanding how your mind works. They fall on the bed and argue. Raavi says you are starting clarifying things, why. He says your fights don’t have the same thing now. She asks if you don’t fight, will you love me. She laughs. He looks at her. She says we will have friendship. He says its impossible. She says yes, but two strangers can become friends, we will become strangers, you don’t know me, I don’t know you, we will start the relation afresh. He says we have to go in childhood, we always fought, we can’t become kids again, don’t dream, sleep. He goes to sleep.

Its morning, Suman asks Dhara to become Saas and teach Rishita. Dhara goes to make the bhajiyas. Suman says now she will add taste in the bhajiyas, see Dhara is also educated, but she learnt every household work, she is the best. Rishita says I also know to make noodles. Suman jokes on her. Shiva come and eats the bhajiyas. He says I have to go now, I have a trucks deal. Dhara says take Raavi for shopping, I gave her money, you will go with her. Rishita says I will just come. She goes. Raavi asks Shiva to take the wallet. Shiva says Dhara asked me to take you for shopping, get ready. She asks him to get ready and come to meet the most beautiful girl. He says nothing can happen of you. Anita says the bangles are lovely, Shiva is good, he gave you a good gift, move on in life. Prafulla scolds her.

She says even you didn’t move on from Gautam. Anita asks her to have tea. Kaka calls Gautam and asks him to stock up the store. Gautam asks him to not worry, he will handle it.

Dev asks what happened, you look worried. Gautam says Kaka called and said the stock is less, Janardhan will get a chance to trouble me. Suman goes to Dhara. She says I feel restless, I think its because of the bhajiyas made by Rishita. Dhara says I also feel restless. Suman asks for water. Suman goes to deal the truck. Suraj’s man comes there. Shiva asks where is Suraj. The man says he needs time to come. Janardhan calls Suraj and says I have informed the goods and business department about this deal, be alert, our men shouldn’t get arrested.

Suraj says don’t worry, I didn’t leave any sign of my shop here. Janardhan says check again, there should be no proof. A paper falls from Suraj’s pocket. The man says I will sign on the papers, tell me, Suraj’s mum is unwell, he went there. Shiva says I will call Suraj. He talks to Suraj. He says your man Vikram is here, where are you. Suraj says my car broke down, I need time. Shiva says your man said your mum is unwell. Suraj says yes, she is ill, don’t worry, Vikram is my brother, he will handle it. Shiva asks is he your brother or your helper. Suraj says stay there, I m coming. He calls Janardhan and asks where are the department men, Shiva is calling me. Janardhan says don’t worry, no one can save Shiva, then Pandya store will get locked. Shiva says its a big deal, Suraj is missing, something is wrong.


Pandya Store 1st July 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :The officers come and arrest Shiva. They accuse him for illegal trading.

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Telecast Date:30th June 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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