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Pandya Store 30th July 2022  Episode starts with Dhara scolding Kirti on call. She says you didn’t earn any money till now, you made fun of Krish in the college, I m warning you, don’t take her name. Rishita snatches her phone and asks what’s this way to talk to my sister. Dhara says teach your sister, she made fun of Krish, why, because he truly loved her,

explain her to stay in limits, else… Rishita asks else what, I know why you are angry, because I took the baby without asking you, you can’t scold me, so you are scolding Kirti, this baby is not yours, you can’t change the facts, accept this, we have equal rights on the baby. Raavi asks Rishita to talk well. Rishita argues with Dhara.

She takes the baby and goes. Dhara cries. Gautam comes to Suman. Suman says I have no money to give to anyone, don’t take care of me, think well. He says I don’t understand about this baby, the baby’s mum isn’t recovering, what shall I do. She says even I don’t know.

He says the baby’s mum’s hospital bill is 30000rs, hospital people said they will oust the lady if we don’t pay the money, I tried my best to arrange the money, but I couldn’t, shall we pay. Suman asks are you mad,

Dhara got the baby home, we will take care of the baby, that lady can be anyone related to dacoit. Gautam says whatever, we should help her, if she gets saved, then she will return the money, if she dies, then we will get the sin of her death. Suman says no, no one should die because of us, I will give the money, 30000rs.

Suman gives the money. Gautam thanks her and goes. Raavi gets the baby vaccination done. A man asks Raavi to publicize his shop, he will give her 10000rs, if its less, then keep 25000rs. She gets shocked. He gives her the money. She says the baby is so lucky for me, I will do this now.

Rishita gets Kirti’s call. Kirti says Dhara called me and insulted me. Rishita asks why did you insult Krish, you have no right to do so, Dhara scolded you, you deserve it. Dhara hears her. Raavi comes and gives the money to Shiva. She says you thought my videos are nonsense, the restaurant has given me 25000rs for making a video.

He says you are fooling me. She says this is the power of social media, I will do the ad of that restaurant, then the customer base will increase, we will get the food for free for a year. He says its something wrong, go and return the money.

Raavi says I will go there and have food, I will put the video on social media, it will be good for us. Gautam comes and gives money to the hospital lady. Doctor says the lady disappeared. Gautam asks what, its your carelessness, I will call the police. Doctor says you will also get questioned, wait, I will call the police. He stops her.

Rishita manages the baby. Raavi says I will delete the account if you find this wrong, our marriage and relation are imp. He says don’t take this on your heart, I m understanding your matter, you are helping someone doing this. She says yes. He says you are doing right, you are a superwoman.

She says don’t praise me much, I will feel shy. He says I m with you if you are helping others and earning money, if you put the house matters live, then I will get against you. She says I will make the stores popular. He says we will think of Pandya store also, come, we will tell mum and Dhara also. She says not now.

He asks why. Gautam takes back the money and says patient has run away, why should I give money, you also do some social service, doctor. He leaves. Dhara says we should make the baby reach his mum soon. Suman says yes. Rishita says this is my training period.

Raavi says you know Suman, she doesn’t understand all this, once I have a good work to show, then we will tell everyone together, please agree. He says just 2-3 videos, then I won’t wait. She thanks him and hugs. They smile. He asks why didn’t anyone see your videos in the house. She say don’t tell anyone,

I have blocked everyone. He laughs and says right, you got clever, you got them in the starting and now you have blocked them when you got more followers, don’t block me, else I will tell everyone. She says don’t get them in between. They have a romantic moment and hug. Dhara argues with Suman about the baby.

Gautam comes home. He says what will I tell them that the baby’s mum has run away. He goes and hears Dhara. Dhara says how shall I explain them, I m not behaving like before. Gautam says we have to take the decision about the baby, we have to find a good orphanage.


Pandya Store 31st July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishita says handle the baby for some hours, I have to attend a workshop. Suman says you may need to go for delivery anytime. Rishita feels labor. She is admitted in the hospital. Family comes there to see Rishita. Gautam hides and thinks what to do, they may know the truth of the baby’s mum.

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Telecast Date:30th July 2022
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