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Pandya Store 30th December 2021 Episode starts with Rishita also going out of the room. Dev shows the keys and recalls stealing it from Janardhan. Dhara gets the papers. Everyone gets happy. Shiva says we will not leave Janardhan now.

Dhara hugs them. She says we will make a new agreement. The lights get on. Dev says someone switched on the main lights. Janardhan says we are making a mistake by trusting Dev, we have to keep the loan papers somewhere else. Kamini says yes, we should be alert, Dev has changed colours in one day. Rishita goes to check the office. She calls out Dev. Dhara and everyone are hiding. Gautam is rushing out. He asks Raavi to stay at home. He leaves. Suman stops Raavi.

Rishita sees Dhara and everyone hiding behind the chairs. She asks did you come here to steal the papers. Dhara says your dad didn’t leave any other option for us. Janardhan comes and locks the door. Dhara worries. Janardhan says I was thinking that Dev is doing a drama. He asks Rishita is she involved with them. Rishita cries.

She says Dev you did this, you changed your decision. Dev says you know that deal was unfair, so we came here to steal the papers, we will do this whenever we want, we want to pay the loan in instalments, we had stolen the papers, now you decide if you want to come. Shiva says better come with me, your dad is fraud.

Dhara says we did this for our family. The police comes. Dev shouts Janardhan. Gautam climbs the pole and gets inside. The police also gets inside. Janardhan scolds Rishita for cheating them. Kamini says I will come there to see your performance. She calls Dev a dog, who isn’t loyal. Rishita says don’t drag me in this.

Gautam jumps inside the window. Janardhan looks on. Dhara smiles and says my hero has come. She hugs him and says I was sure you will come. Raavi says no one is at home. Suman asks where did they go at this time. She asks did I do anything wrong by asking them to bring Dev and Rishita back. Suman says they all are missing, maybe they went to steal money. Raavi calls Dhara.

She says she is not answering. Gautam says we have to go from here, police has come. Kamini goes to snatch the papers. The door bell rings. The file falls down. They all pick the papers. Gautam gets some pic and laughs. He thanks Lord. Dhara asks what happened, why are you laughing. Kamini says just 2 mins, I will ask the police to beat you. Gautam says get them, let me talk to your brother first. He asks Janardhan to come with him.

He says everyone makes mistakes in young days, who keeps his preserved, why did you have an affair with Jagat’s wife. Janardhan asks how did you get the pics. Gautam says its in my hands, so is your future, shall I tell Kalyani about this. Janardhan says she was my past, she is Jagat’s wife now,

I have no relation with her, everyone makes mistakes, I did too, give me the pic. Shiva says no, you have posted our pics on Somnath, we will also post your love story. Kamini asks Inspector to arrest the family, they all came here to rob.

Gautam says we will show this. Janardhan says no, you are so naughty. Gautam says you are also naughty. They act friendly. Dhara asks Shiva what’s happening. He smiles. Janardhan asks him to go.

Kamini asks what are you saying. He says don’t stain your relations this like, I have called them, don’t call them thieves. Gautam says he can change his mind, we should leave. Janardhan says go, I will handle everything. Dev gets some printouts. Gautam says stop your overacting, sign on these papers, got it.

Kamini says you can’t do this Janardhan. Dev says he realized his mistake, let me rectify. Kamini says no. Janardhan signs. Dhara smiles.


Pandya Store 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shiva surprises Raavi. She says you all cheated me. He ruins his own surprise. Rishita says I won’t celebrate new year with Dev.

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Telecast Date:30th December 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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