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Pandya Store 2nd May 2022  Episode starts with Shiva saying this cloth is made in Somnath’s special textiles, it fits everybody, every woman should wear this, its of same quality of the imported item at half the price. Everyone worries. Rishita and everyone clap for him. Raavi says at least he completed the round. Dhara asks her not to worry, everything will be fine. Rishita says I m excited.

The anchor says we will return after half an hour with the first round result. Shiva comes to Dhara and Raavi. Dhara says no need to turn away, you have presented well on the stage, whatever the result, we will see. Shiva says I lost the confidence, sorry.

Dhara says don’t be sorry, the big thing is you didn’t lose, you said that you have come here to learn something, then think this is your first teaching. She hugs him. Dhara says Rishita, you performed well, all the best. Rishita goes with Kirti. Kirti says you looked great, have the chocolate.

Raavi asks Rishita to come with them and have food. Rishita refuses. Dhara says your baby would be hungry, have it for baby’s sake. Rishita says okay, just for the baby, don’t think I got greedy seeing the homemade food. Raavi asks Kirti to join them. They all have the food. Yaadon ki baraat….plays… Dhara smiles. Rishita eats a lot. Dhara asks her to have it calmly. Rishita and Shiva are called on stage.

They wish each other all the best. Dhara wishes them. The results are announced. Rishita thinks how didn’t I get selected. She gets upset and steps back. Shiva stands silent. Suman asks Janardhan to cheer for Rishita. Kamini says your son is also out. The anchor tells the selected candidates that they are eliminated. Rishita and Shiva get glad. Suman says great. Everyone smiles and claps that Rishita and Shiva got selected for the next round.

The anchor announces the names of the selected contestants again. The anchor says the person who has lead with 5 marks is…. Rishita Pandya. Rishita jumps happily. Everyone claps. Janardhan cheers for her. Shiva says you did it well, congrats. Rishita thanks him. She says I will end this competition after winning the next round. The competition ends for the day. Dhara asks Shiva not to worry, he will win.

Raavi says congrats. Kirti says Rishita means something to you also, get happy for her. Raavi says Shiva didn’t lose, he also went in second round with Rishita, who said we aren’t happy for Rishita, Shiva and Rishita are same for us. Dhara and Raavi hug Rishita and congratulate her. Rishita thanks them. She taunts Shiva and says I knew it I will win.

At home, Shiva says everyone was laughing on me, I don’t think I can do this, I m taking my name back from the competition. Gautam says you reached the next round when you didn’t give your 100%, think what you could have done if you gave your 100%. Raavi asks him to speak in English in the next round and impress everyone. Shiva says you want them to laugh on me, I will speak in Hindi, not English. She says fine, go and practice it. He says I will. Suman asks him to have confidence. She asks Raavi not to teach her. She encourages Shiva.

Shiva says if the same thing is given back. Suman says its just a cloth, just deal with it. Dhara asks him to have breakfast. Kamini gets juice for Rishita. She thinks Dhara has fed Rishita there. She asks is Dhara really so good or is she pretending. Rishita says they accepted me, I felt bad seeing Shiva’s sad face, it’s a big thing that he got qualified. She goes. Dhara sees Gautam taking medicines. He says I m having the medicines doctor gave me. She holds him and says its fever. He says I will be fine, don’t do timepass, be with Shiva, it’s a do or die situation for him. She says we will take you to hospital right away.


Pandya Store 3rd May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shiva and Rishita show their creativity in the next round.

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Telecast Date:2nd May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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