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Pandya Store 2nd August 2022 Episode starts with Dhara begging Gautam to give the baby to her. He says remember, you aren’t the baby’s mum, I will try to find his mum, you will handover the baby to her. She says I agree.

She hugs the baby. He says I have to lie to mum now, she will beat us if we get caught. She says sorry, handle it. Gautam says I will return the money to Suman and tell her the truth when I find the lady.

Rishita asks Suman to handle the baby. She says I will attend a baby care workshop. Suman says I will make you an expert, your nine month is starting, its not good to go out. Rishita says one month is left, ladies work till the end moment, I promise, I will take care of myself. Suman says we used to be at home.

She takes the baby. Rishita thanks her and goes. Raavi promotes a café. Shiva comes and asks the guy to record from far. He grows jealous and guards her. He asks her to finish it soon. Main to badalon se….plays….

Raavi says you can check my profile if you want to check the responses. The café man thanks her. Shiva says you worked for 2 hours. Raavi says don’t worry. He says don’t work with them, take Krish along. She smiles.

He says stay away from these guys. They leave. Gautam asks the auto driver for the lady. The man says I dropped her to the market, she appeared mad. Gautam says you should have called the police.

Rishita comes to the hospital. She feels pain. She recalls Suman’s words. She calls Dhara. She sits there. She calls Raavi. She says I m at the hospital, come fast, I m having labor pain. Raavi is shocked. Shiva asks what happened. She says Rishita is alone, she is having labor pain. He asks her not to worry.

Rishita shouts on the nurses. Nurse asks her name. Rishita asks her to call the doctor. Shiva says we will get the baby, it will be good if it’s a daughter, call Rishita, she would be worried. Raavi says she isn’t answering, call Gautam. Shiva calls Gautam, and says Rishita has labor pain, you also reach there.

Gautam smiles. Shiva asks him to reach there. Gautam says she also had to choose this hospital, entire family would be coming. Suman, Dhara and Krish come. Gautam prays. Shiva and Raavi also come. Doctor asks Rishita to relax. Dev comes there. Rishita says I had a wish to shoot my pregnancy.

Doctor says you can take the phone later. Rishita says call my husband. Gautam looks on and prays. He hides from the family. They rush to see Rishita. Gautam calls Shiva. He asks where are you, I m stuck in traffic, I will come soon.

Shiva says we reached, come soon. Rishita asks where is my family. Suman and everyone come. Dev asks are you fine. Rishita slaps him and catches his collar. She scolds him.

Dev says I have come, relax. She says there is no one to support me. Suman says calm down, it will pain a bit. Rishita says little pain. Rishita pushes Dev. Suman says I told you not to go out. Rishita says we will go to a good hospital, Dev did this. She twists his hand. They all call the doctor.

Rishita says I can do this, Dev come inside. Suman says no need, why would Dev see the delivery. Raavi says this makes the bond strong, I m so excited. Shiva asks Dev to go inside. Dhara goes to call Gautam.

Raavi goes live. Shiva comes. He asks her not to waste time. Gautam hides from the doctor. He thinks I got caught. Doctor says we can see baby position and decide if normal delivery is possible, or we have to do c section. Rishita says no, I m not in pain, we will go home. Dev says its not a joke, let doctor check.

Suman and everyone are waiting outside. Gautam looks on. Shiva calls him. Raavi sees Gautam and calls him out. Shiva says we will go and buy some sweets. Gautam comes to Dhara and says it’s the same hospital where the baby’s mum was admitted, and she has run away. Dhara worries.


Pandya Store 3rd August 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :The lady asks Suman about Dhara’s baby. She shows Raavi’s videos. Shiva gets the kheer for Suman. Suman scolds Shiva and Raavi.

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Telecast Date:2nd August 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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