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Pandya Store 29th July 2022 Episode starts with Suman asking everyone to support her. Dhara says baby will become Nand Gopal. Suman says but you won’t become his Yashoda, give the baby to me, you handle my kids, Rishita and Raavi will handle the kids. Dhara says I have no problem in taking care of the baby.

Suman says but I have a problem, they will handle the baby. Dhara asks why can’t I manage the baby. Shiva says you can’t get engaged in the baby care. She asks him to shut up. She says I will handle the house and baby,

Rishita needs rest, Raavi is still a kid. Raavi says I will get trained for the future. Rishita says wow Raavi, you are also giving the good news. Shiva says she is saying nonsense. Raavi says I was talking of future. She asks Shiva to come. Suman asks Dhara to do her work. Shiva and Raavi try to pacify the baby.

Dhara gets angry and washes the utensils. Gautam comes. He says I m going to the shop. She says go to hell, why are you telling me when you can’t take a stand for me. She scolds him. Raavi tries to make the baby wear a pamper.

Dhara asks what will happen if I handle the baby. Gautam says we have seen your love for the baby last time, everyone is scared, you won’t get the baby, matter ends, you can break the utensils if you want. She hears the baby crying and runs.

Dhara comes and takes the baby. She asks is the training done, raising a kid isn’t easy. Gautam comes. Dhara fixes the pamper. She takes the baby and says I will handle the baby from now, I m doing this for this baby’s betterment. She goes. Shiva says I can’t get against her, I can’t see her sad, sorry.

Gautam says you be with us for Dhara’s betterment, we shouldn’t get scared of her. Raavi asks are you confident. Gautam says yes, we will fight and keep the baby away from Dhara. He gives money to Raavi and asks her to get necessary items for the baby. She goes. He gets a call from the hospital. He says I will just come.

Raavi sees a lady troubling a bangle seller. Raavi supports the bangle seller and goes live on the social media. Raavi also buys the bangles. The seller gets happy. Raavi thinks I got happiness and satisfaction by helping the seller, it would be so good if I can help someone every day. Suman says we will name the baby Ladoo.

Rishita says no, its halwai types. Dhara says I got scared, Rishita didn’t tell me and got Chiku here. Rishita says it doesn’t matter. Dhara says you should have asked me. Suman says go and complain in the police station, when Rishita’s baby comes, will you take permission before taking him, what went wrong if Rishita didn’t tell you. Dev says our baby wanted to play with this baby, so I asked Rishita to get the baby. Dhara asks did Suman also hear this.

Doctor says we can’t spend for every patient from our expenses. Gautam says we are middle class people, we can’t arrange money. Doctor says you can show the bill to that lady and take the money once she recovers, else we will have to discharge her, we don’t know she will survive or not. Suman asks how can I hear that. She makes stories. She asks Dhara to go to Krish, he needs her. Dhara says Krish is my son also. She goes.

Raavi comes home from shopping. Suman asks did you get all the market. Raavi says clothes came for 3500rs, I saved 1200rs. Suman asks what about the remaining 300rs. Raavi says I bought the items to help someone. Suman asks what. Raavi says I got bangles for Dhara, Rishita and myself. Suman says you forgot me.

Raavi says no, I got beautiful bangles for you, its costly. Suman says its my money, you got the gifts, I will cut this from your money. Raavi nods. Suman says I m going to Kanta now. Dev says I will drop you.

Krish recalls the girls joking on him. Dhara comes to Krish. She asks him to go out, he will feel better. He says Kirti has spread the eloping news in the college, did I make a mistake by loving her. Dhara hugs him. She says love isn’t wrong. He says I can’t love someone again. He goes. Raavi asks Krish to play with the baby. He leaves from the house. Dhara says everyone has made his love a drama, everyone reminds him that he is useless.

Raavi says I said so to cheer him up. Dhara calls Kirti and scolds her. Rishita looks on. Dhara says if Krish has no status, then you also don’t have your own identity.


Pandya Store 30th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Gautam gives the money. Doctor asks where is the patient. Gautam asks what, is that girl missing. He thinks to take a decision about the baby soon.

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Telecast Date:29th July 2022
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