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Pandya Store 29th January 2021 Episode starts with Prafula saying if you didn’t agree for the marriage, then I would have consumed poison. Jignesh says I got saved, the shopkeeper fooled you, its not poison, just water. Anita says he is getting attacks. She takes Jignesh to the room. Prafula lies about Jignesh’s trauma. Mama ji comes. Gautam greets him. Prafula does a drama. Mama asks what shall I do of my wife, she swears false on my name. He goes to pray. Anita gets dry fruits. Prafula asks Anita to learn spending less. She asks her to go and get an empty plate. Shiva comes and eats the dry fruits. He fills his pockets. Gautam and Dhara ask him to stop. Krish also comes and takes the dry fruits. Raavi cries and complains about Shiva. Gautam asks him to apologize. Shiva says sorry.

Anita’s mum Saroj asks about jewellery sets. Prafula says Suman is bedridden, she can’t talk, she can’t say what to do in the marriage, but I m their family. She says I m your Maa from now, Gautam, all of them are my kids, I will take marriage responsibility and it will be my money to bear expenses. Gautam says no, you just bless us, I will manage the money. Prafula says you are innocent, be happy, we will talk about marriage functions, we will keep haldi in your house itself. Anita gets some charts. Prafula says we can keep haldi tomorrow, we can’t shop for marriage so soon. Dhara says I heard groom and bride can’t step out of the house after haldi. Prafula humiliates her about her parents. Gautam says no need to bring Dhara’s mum in between. Prafula says you think I m mad to say this, Dhara is Anita’s childhood friend, so I feel bad, she is bearing punishment for her mum’s deeds.

She says I had gone out to buy my wedding lahenga, I didn’t break rules, I had held nails in my hand, we can keep rules our way. Gautam says yes, you know it well. Prafula asks Saroj to get sweets. Dhara asks Shiva not to do anything this time. Gautam says we will go now. Prafula gives him shagun coconuts. Shiva jokes on her. Prafula says let it be. Dhara congratulates Anita. Gautam gives slippers to Dhara. Prafula says Gautam will love Anita a lot. Gautam and family leave. Anita and Prafula get angry. Prafula says Dhara shouldn’t enter Gautam’s house after marriage, her mum was a Naagin who ruined her own house, Dhara will do the same. Anita says Dhara can’t do anything. Saroj says its happening as per Prafula’s plan, did she know that Gautam’s dad is going to die, and his mum will be bedridden. Prafula says I m right, so it happened as I wanted.

Hardik takes Gautam for shopping. Kaka calls Gautam and asks him about paying cheque for the new shop. Gautam says I have kept the cheque and took bank loan also, I will never keep any dues. Kaka gets glad and praises him. Hardik says Gautam’s kite got cut now. Dhara jokes on their parties. Hardik says Dhara and I will take care of your shop, enjoy your new phase of life. Gautam says Prafula will manage the family. Dhara asks why did Shiva hate Prafula. He says we were in trauma over dad’s death, Prafula said something bad, she is sharp tongued, but she is gold hearted, Shiva has much anger, Shiva thinks Prafula is our enemy, he thinks dad died because of her. Dhara asks him not to worry. Gautam says I have to meet Anita. Hardik says you can’t wait now. Gautam says I want to talk to her. Hardik says she is your would be wife, you have all the right to talk to her and hold her hand. Gautam calls Anita. Anita says I was thinking about you. Gautam says I couldn’t talk to you well, if we could meet. Anita says come and meet me.

Prafula says no, you won’t meet him. Anita says sorry, I forgot, elders said that groom and bride shouldn’t meet before marriage, its abshagun, we are meeting tomorrow on haldi. Gautam says she refused to meet. Hardik asks Dhara was she hearing their talks. Dhara says no, you are talking aloud. Hardik asks her to call Anita and convince her to meet Gautam. She asks why. He asks her to call Anita. Dhara says Gautam wants to surprise you, will you meet, tell me. Anita asks really, tell him that I will meet him. Dhara says okay, in an hour on your terrace. Gautam smiles. He goes home and meets Suman. He says haldi is tomorrow, you will tell me about the things for rasam. He gets a diary from cupboard and says its dad’s diary. He gets emotional reading it. Suman and Gautam cry. He says you and dad had seen many dreams for me, marriage will happen that way. Suman thinks Gautam didn’t read what’s written there, he will break down when he reads it. He takes the papers file to check.


Pandya Store 30th January 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Anita says maybe Gautam is giving me a diamond necklace. Prafula says then give it to me. Gautam meets Anita. She asks about the surprise. He gives her a rose. She crushes the rose in anger. Dhara smiles with the petal shower on her.

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Telecast Date:29th January 2021
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