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Pandya Store 29th April 2022 Episode starts with everyone wishing Shiva all the best to win. Raavi makes Shiva eat the curd sugar, and hugs him. She asks him to show who is the real lion of Somnath. Suman asks Shiva to go and make them proud. Gautam hugs him and says all the best.

Dhara says we will take this tiffin and sit in audience, you can have the food. Shiva says no need to come, I m already tensed. Dhara says we are coming to cheer you up. Shiva’s friends get a projector screen to show the live telecast of the competition to the family and neighbors. They all wish all the best to Shiva. Shiva gets excited. He says we will go, its getting late. He leaves.

Shiva, Dhara and Raavi come there at the venue. Rishita and Kirti come there. Rishita gets dizzy. Shiva holds her and asks are you fine. Dhara asks did you eat anything. Rishita says everything is okay, all the best. Shiva says same to you. Dhara signs him to touch Rishita’s feet. Shiva touches Rishita’s feet. Rishita holds him.

Rishita turns to Dhara and touches her feet. Dhara stops her and hugs. Dhara says don’t bend down, all the best. Dhara hugs Shiva. Krish also wishes all the best to him. Gautam feels shivering. He thinks why am I getting fever, its an imp day for Shiva, if Shiva knew about my health then he would have not gone for the competition. He goes and sits to watch the live telecast.

Janardhan and Kamini come there. He says two members from same family are coming on tv, we should encourage them. He asks his men to put the snacks stall here. Gautam says we don’t want this. Janardhan asks why, its from our side, free. He says Rishita is also participating, I felt sad hearing about Gautam’s accident, the store would be closed today and it’s a loss, we have many servants.

Suman says we have many relations, Kaka is there to handle the store. The people get the snacks. Kamini says everyone likes to eat. The competition starts. All the participants are introduced. Rishita comes on stage. Janardhan cheers for her. She introduces herself and says I have always won the competitions since childhood, all the best to everyone. Dhara says Rishita spoke well, lets see what Shiva does.

Shiva is called on stage. Gautam cheers for Shiva. Dhara shouts Shiva. Raavi and Shiva smile seeing Shiva come on stage. Suman cries happily. Shiva introduces himself. He says this competition is with my own self, I want to see myself changing and moving on in life, I hope I learn something from here.

Everyone claps. The anchor tells about three rounds, five participants will get eliminated after the first round, three will get eliminated after the second round and just the two participants will reach the third round, then the real winner will get declared. She asks them to take the chits and then collect their boxes. She says you will have to sell the product that’s inside the box. The anchor asks them to sell the product and show their skills, then they will go to the next round.

Everyone checks the boxes. Shiva gets shocked seeing the ladies bra. He closes the box. Dhara thinks why did Shiva close the box, what’s inside. Rishita gets a knife and round wooden ring. She says what’s this, I never saw this, how will I sell this. Everyone shows their items to the judge.

Rishita says I don’t know the name of this tool. The anchor says you will get 15 mins for preparation. Raavi says she looks nervous. Dhara says yes, but its simple, knife and the sharping tool, I think she will understand. The anchor asks Shiva to show his product. Everyone looks on.


Pandya Store 30th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishita performs on the stage. Dhara asks what’s in that box. Shiva says I can’t do this.

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Telecast Date:29th April 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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