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Pandya Store 28th September 2022 Episode starts with Shiva saying I m foolish to fight Raavi, its my mistake. Dev asks what are you saying, focus on your work. A customer comes to the shop. Shiva gives the wrong item.

Dev attends the customer. He asks Shiva to go out and have some air, what happened to him, did he fight with Raavi. Shiva asks how do you know, did she tell you. Dev says I m also married, I know, go out with her. Shiva says yes, I should say sorry to her. He goes. Dev thinks to convince Rishita.

Shweta calls Forum and says I arranged the money, meet me outside Pandya house. Dev comes to Rishita. He gives her a chocolate. He says we should to share this and eat. Rishita gets angry. Dev says fine, but don’t vent anger on chocolate. She says I m just irritated, not angry, I went to Shweta’s house,

Suman and Dhara scolded me. Dev says let it be, don’t interfere. She says you think I m doing useless thing, I will bring Shweta’s truth outside. He says when everyone likes Shweta, then maybe you are mistaken, forget it. She says until I get her truth out, I won’t sit quiet. She goes.

Shweta gets a call from her ex. She worries. He calls her again. She sees the video, where she steals something from someone’s house. She worries and drinks water. She cries. She gets the call again. Her mum says she is trying to do something wrong, I have seen her meeting Forum, she lied to Rishita.

Her dad says she is ready to marry now. She says because I have threatened her about money and property, she can do something wrong again. The guy blackmails Shweta. She asks what do you want. He says meet me tonight, get Chiku along. She asks how do you know his name, no, he isn’t yours.

He asks her to just come, else he will send the video to the police. He laughs and ends cal. She sits crying. Shiva sees Raavi and Arnav in the car. He follows them. Raavi asks where are we going, I have to go home.

Arnav says nearby, its not much far. They come to a lodge. Shiva also comes. Raavi asks why did you get me here. Arnav says I wanted to surprise you. She says we will go back. He says you trust me right, did you tell someone at home that you have come here with me, relax, come with me. He takes her. Shiva gets angry. He says she is trusting him like he is an old friend.

She asks how long will I live in fear. She cries. Dhara comes and asks her not to worry, Rishita didn’t do anything. Shweta says its not a small thing, she was investigating about my friends. Dhara says I m sorry, don’t worry. She goes. Arnav takes Raavi to the lodge room. He knocks the door. The hacker is inside.

The guy says the prey has come here. He opens the door. He gets shocked seeing Arnav and Raavi. Shiva follows Raavi. Arnav asks the guy to open the door. Shiva looks on. Arnav and Raavi enter the room. Arnav shuts the door. Raavi sees the girls’ pics everywhere on the walls. She says he hacked my account, you got me here to show this. The hacker runs away from the window.

Arnav asks Chatur to open the door, surrender. Chatur says yes, you won’t beat me then. Arnav says fine. Chatur jumps out of the window and runs. Arnav follows him. Raavi and Arnav try to catch him. Shiva checks the door. He says no voice is coming. He knocks the door. The hotel man asks him to leave. Shiva leaves. Arnav calls the inspector. He says I found the hacker, just come with the team.

He says Raavi, run, Chatur can’t get saved today. Shweta is worried. She thinks how to go, they all are here, I will meet Forum first and then I will deal with him. She asks them to have dinner. Dhara says we will have dinner once Raavi, Krish and Shiva come. Shweta gets a call. Dhara says your phone is ringing. Shweta thinks how shall I tell them now. Rishita thinks to find out.


Pandya Store 29th September 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Everyone does garba and enjoy. Krish says this engagement won’t happen, I have a surprise for Shweta. Shweta is shocked seeing her ex.

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Telecast Date:28th September 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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