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Pandya Store 28th October 2022 Episode starts with Raavi and Shiva arguing in the room. Shiva says Shweta got the breakfast, I was there. She says I don’t know anything, it’s a big day for Shweta, it shouldn’t spoil because of our fight. Shweta hears them and smiles. They leave. Shweta says its just the start, you will get much insulted,

just wait and watch. Rishita says food isn’t prepared, what shall I do to make Deven come late. Shweta says its my first rasoi today, everyone has helped me a lot, you know Raavi got late, so she couldn’t help me, I have a solution, mom called today and said Diwali is close, if we keep diyas in the kitchen,

then it will be good, we will ask Raavi to do this. Suman says its good. She calls Raavi and asks her to light diyas in the kitchen. Raavi goes. Suman asks for food. Shweta says I m getting it. Rishita thinks this is the right time, I will message Deven from Shweta’s phone. Raavi lights the diyas. Shweta sees Raavi and says you have kept the diyas this way, anyone’s clothes can catch fire. Raavi leaves. Shweta thinks you decorated the diyas well, now fire has to light up here.

Rishita thinks when will she get the food, I have to change the venue and call Deven to the kitchen. Shweta burns the things in the kitchen. She also burns her dupatta. She shouts fire, someone save me. Everyone is shocked. They run to save Shweta. Dhara and everyone help Shweta and put off the fire.

Rishita thinks this is the chance to send the message. She goes and gets Shweta’s phone. Suman scolds Raavi. Krish says its not Raavi’s mistake. Shweta says if I get burnt, then police will say you have burnt me for dowry. Rishita messages Deven to come at the kitchen window at 10pm. She sees Shweta and keeps the phone. Shweta thinks what was Rishita doing with my phone.

Shiva says we will clear this mess. Rishita smiles. Shweta takes her phone and goes. Rishita says Shweta got saved. Raavi says sorry. Suman says you didn’t get burnt, right. Shweta says I m okay. Rishita changes the cameras location. Gautam, Dev and Shiva clean the kitchen. Dhara asks Shweta to go and change clothes. Shweta smiles. Rishita asks them to wash their hands and face,

she will clean the kitchen, its easy. Shiva and Gautam say we will do it together. She says no, go, we have to eat food also. They go. She puts a camera in the jar. Dhara asks what are you doing here. Rishita says I m cleaning, call Shweta, its late, we have to eat food. Dhara asks will you do this alone. Rishita says yes. Dhara goes to call Shweta. Rishita says he would be coming in 5mins. Dhara asks Shweta to come fast, everyone is feeling hungry. Rishita asks Shweta to come fast. She says I m really hungry. Shweta says I m okay. Rishita asks her to go and get the food. Shweta goes.

Deven shuts the door and smiles. Shweta gets shocked seeing him. She asks what are you doing here. Rishita says its 10pm, Shweta will take time to serve the food, we will watch the show, it will be fun. Shiva asks Dev. Dev signs don’t know. Rishita switches off the lights and plays the camera feed on the projector. They all get shocked seeing Shweta and Deven on the screen.

Deven says you called me to give the jewellery, give it. Rishita smiles. Shweta says come with me before anyone comes. They go out. Krish asks what show did Rishita put, Shweta didn’t tell me about it. Dhara thinks she promised me that she won’t meet this guy again. Rishita says he is Shweta’s friend’s brother, then why is she stealing, I told you, something is wrong, see it now.

Raavi says it means you did all this to trap Shweta. Rishita says yes, I was tired telling you the truth, no one believed me, so I had to do this. Raavi says its not right to trap anyone. Rishita says great, she is trapping us, what happened to you, I will switch this off if you say. Suman stops her. Raavi says its not right, I m switching it off. Suman stops her and says I have to see, don’t interfere. Shweta and Deven go out of the house. Deven says swear on our old love, don’t joke, go and get the jewellery, I m a busy person. Shweta says you have no work, you come here to get the money.

Deven says if Rishita didn’t do the drama that day, then I would have run away with the money. Suman recalls Shweta’s words. Deven says Dhara attacked me with a pin, it hurt me a lot, its good that you messaged me and called me here, after all I m Chiku’s dad. Everyone is shocked. Rishita asks does anyone want a proof now after this confession. Suman asks Raavi did you know all this, so you didn’t want us to see this. Raavi says no, I didn’t know this. Shweta asks when did I call you.

Dhara goes out. Shweta sees Dhara and thinks she will make me out of the house today, I have to do something. Dev says I will call the police. He calls the police and says thieves are trying to enter our house. Shweta acts and asks Deven to leave her, she will give her jewellery and money, I will send you to jail. Rishita says Shweta has seen Dhara there, so she changed her dialogue. Deven asks why are you lying, you might be lying to show someone, who. Everyone sees Dhara on the screen. Dhara holds Deven. He gets shocked.


Pandya Store 29th October 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Shweta says I didn’t do anything. Suman slaps her and kicks her out of the house. She asks Krish to make the divorce papers. She throws Shweta’s bag. Krish and Rishita shut the door. Shweta cries.

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Telecast Date:28th October 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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