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Pandya Store 28th July 2022 Episode starts with Raavi and Shiva going to give a bath to the baby. Raavi goes live on the phone. Shiva takes her phone and keeps it aside. They argue. Dhara comes and pats Raavi. She asks did you get mad, do you have a mind or not,

you want to put the baby in the kitchen sink. Raavi says I made a bath tub. Dhara asks how will you manage the baby. She guides Raavi and gives the bath to the baby. Shiva smiles watching them.

Rishita says we will return the baby to the clinic tomorrow, Dhara’s attachment is increasing. She taunts Krish. Suman says don’t drag Krish in every matter. Gautam says Rishita isn’t saying wrong, Dhara is loving the baby, we have to solve this.

Dhara brings the baby and says he is a lovely baby. Suman says yes, go and make food for him. Raavi asks how will he have the food, I got a glass of milk for him. Suman jokes on her.

Everyone laughs. Dhara says I wish we had a milk bottle, market would have got shut by now. Suman says Rishita would have it, she has done much shopping. Rishita says yes, I got two bottles. Suman says give one. Rishita makes a face and goes to get it. Dhara says I will feed the milk. Suman says I will feed him, go and sterilize the bottle. Shiva says its Gautam’s shirt right, its suiting the baby more than Gautam. The baby pees over Gautam. Everyone laughs.

Rishita thinks which bottle to give. She takes one. Everyone takes care of the baby. They try to make the baby sleep. Everyone sleeps. Gautam goes to Dhara and says we will return this baby to his mum tomorrow. Its morning, Dhara and Gautam come to the hospital. She says we will return the baby after a few days. He says think of his mum’s emotions, do as I say, come.

They meet the doctor. Gautam says we have handled the baby all night, but we can’t keep the baby at our home. doctor says I understand your issues, try to understand, the baby’s mum Shweta has a rare type of TB, we had to keep her in isolation, how shall I give the baby to her. Gautam says make some other arrangements, don’t take an advantage of our goodness, try to understand.

Nurse says patient has no improvement, her infection is spreading. Dhara and Gautam ask doctor to understand, the baby is safe with his mum. Doctor says I want you to take care of this baby for the sake of humanity, you belong to a good family. Raavi asks Suman not to worry, the baby will get his mum.

Suman says yes, the baby should get his mum. Gautam says this baby won’t go to our house, I want to meet his mum. Doctor says the lady has a contagious disease, you can wear masks and stay away from her, you can meet her, give the baby to the nurse, come.

Dhara and Gautam go to Shweta and talk to her. Dhara says tell us if you have any family member. Gautam says we are scared to take the baby’s responsibility. Shweta says I have no one in my life, take care of my baby. She throws her gold chain and says I just have this. She gets seizures. Doctor says her pulse is falling. Doctor asks them to go.

Dhara and Gautam pick the chain, and go out. Nurse gives the baby to them. Gautam and Dhara see Shweta’s pic in the locket. They hug and cry. Dhara says his mum’s condition is really bad, we can’t leave the baby alone. Suman prays that the baby and mum unite. Everyone comes in her room.

She asks them not to step in her room. Gautam says matter is serious, I got them here. Suman asks didn’t the baby go. Gautam says the lady is very ill, she can’t handle the baby, so we had to bring the baby back. Suman says I don’t want the baby, why do we take care. Gautam says she has no relative, she gave this, she said we can sell this and pay the baby’s expenses.

Rishita says Dhara got new clothes for the baby. Suman says if Dhara gets mad for the baby, then it will get difficult to handle her. Everyone agrees. Gautam says she got attached to the baby in one day, do something. Suman asks him to manage. Krish jokes. Suman says I know Gautam doesn’t want to become bad in her eyes. Gautam says just you can control Dhara.


Pandya Store 29th July 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhara says my baby will become Nand Gopal. Suman says but you won’t become his Yashoda, Rishita and Raavi will handle the baby.

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Telecast Date:28th July 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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