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Pandya Store 27th March 2021 Episode starts with Rishita crying in her room. Kalyani comes and sees the room ruined up. She scolds Rishita. She gets cleaning the room. Rishita says Dev isn’t any beggar, he is an educated guy, he can keep me happy. Kalyani says you will be married to Manav, it will be better you marry him. Rishita thinks I can’t marry anyone else than Dev. Raavi helps Dhara. Dhara says its your marriage, go. Raavi says you are hurt, I will help you, let me become your photocopy, it was my dream to become like Dhara. Dhara gets emotional. Anita thinks of Gautam. Prafulla comes and says I found a groom for you. Anita says I don’t want to marry. Prafulla says ask me who is the groom, Hardik, he is the best guy, he has no responsibility, his house and shop are on his name, once you marry him, then you can take revenge on Dhara also. Anita says I don’t want to marry Hardik, never. She goes. Prafulla says she is innocent, she doesn’t understand, I will get her married to Hardik.

Dhara sees Raavi wearing a saree. Raavi says I look your photocopy, Dev will give me a mangalsutra. Raavi says I can’t be better than you. Dhara says you are silly. Raavi says sit, I will do all the work. She goes to cook the food. Shiva comes and thinks she is Dhara. He says you had a foot sprain, are you fine. She says yes. He likes the parathas. She smiles happily. He says even if Raavi comes in this house, I will have food made by you. He hugs her and says I love you. She says I love you too Shiva. He asks what are you doing here. She says I m feeding parathas to you. He asks her to eat the parathas and see. He goes. She says its good. Krish eats the food. Krish says its enough now. Raavi say have food, then we have to dance. Krish says I can’t dance. Raavi says you are my fav Devar, you have to dance. They dance holding the spoons. Dhara and Gautam come and look on. Krish asks when will she go back. Raavi drops Krish down. She asks Dhara and Gautam to dance along. Dev looks on sadly.

Shiva also joins the dance. Raavi asks Dev to come for a dance. Dev refuses and goes. Raavi asks what happened to Dev. Krish says he has stress. Dhara says you will come in this house forever now, he has marriage stress. Raavi says why is it stressed, that I will cry on bidaai, tell him I won’t cry. She gets a call.

She talks to Anita. She hugs Dhara and leaves. Dev sees Rishita’s pic and thinks of her. Dhara comes to him. Dhara says you have grown up and became sensible, listen to Gautam. Dev says I can’t. She says its hard to stop Raavi and your marriage. Dev says its not impossible, I m helpless now, I can’t cheat Rishita, you didn’t raise me like that, how shall I get back. She says her dad is dangerous, if he does anything to you, we are ordinary people. Dev says one shouldn’t be scared if they are in love, why shall I step back, I m not a coward, just you can save me from this mess, just you can unite Rishita and me, I trust you, please Bhabhi, get me married to Rishita. He cries. Dhara also cries and hugs him.

Rishita is locked in her room. Kirti gets food for her. She asks Rishita to have food. Rishita refuses. She says I just want to meet Dev. She takes Kirti’s phone and calls Dev. She gets angry. She tries to run. Janardhan slaps her and says you don’t dare to run away, else I will kill you. He asks Kirti to go out. Dhara cries and goes to a temple. She prays for Dev. She says I had misunderstood Dev, I have made this mistake, give me strength.

Dhara goes to meet Janardhan. He asks guard to throw out Dhara. Bua says you should welcome Dhara, call her. Dhara meets Rishita’s family. She says you would be knowing that Rishita and Dev love each other a lot, it was my misunderstanding that I fixed his alliance with Raavi, I didn’t know the truth, don’t worry, Dev told me everything, we are elders, we should keep their happiness in mind. She begs them for Dev’s sake. She says give me Rishita’s alliance for my Dev. She praises Dev. She says Dev will take our business ahead, Rishita will be happy. Bua goes to her and slaps.


Pandya Store 1st February 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Dev and Shiva come to Janardhan’s house. They fight the guards. Rishita thinks Dev has come to marry her. Dev beats up Janardhan. He says how dare you insult my Bhabhi, I will never marry your daughter.

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Telecast Date:27th March 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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