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Pandya Store 27th April 2021 Episode starts with everyone sitting to dine. Rishita says we will have some spicy food. Dev says Dhara has prepared many things for us. Shiva says it doesn’t suit us. Raavi says I will also have outside food. Rishita says I don’t want a homely feel. Krish jokes. Dhara asks him to sit quiet. Gautam says no problem, there is a restaurant, go and get the food for them Dev. Rishita and Raavi ask Dev to get chinese. Dev goes. Raavi sits with Rishita. Dev gets the food parcel. Dhara gives food to Dev. Rishita asks him to have chinese.

Krish says its a big problem now. Dev asks Rishita to have it. He says I will have the food made by Dhara. Rishita says fine, have a bite at least. Dhara signs him to eat. Dev eats from Rishita’s hand. Raavi eats and coughs. Dev and Dhara care for her. Dhara asks her to drink water. Shiva looks on. He pats on her back. She gets fine. Dev asks are you fine. Raavi sees Shiva and says you always beat me, I will not leave you. Shiva says thank me, your hiccups stopped, think, your thanks doesn’t matter to me. Dhara asks Raavi to have food. Raavi says I don’t want. Rishita says you should have eaten chinese, it was yummy. Raavi says I have a problem with chinese. Rishita screams in pain. She shouts to Dev. Dhara asks what happened.

Rishita says I m feeling like vomiting. Krish says congrats. Dhara stops her. Dev says I told you not to have outside food. Rishita says its not because of that. She vomits. Dhara makes her rinse her mouth. Dev asks how will we get medicine now. Dhara says I will arrange it, don’t worry. She makes a kada for Rishita. Raavi looks on. Shiva takes her along. Raavi asks him to leave her. He says you and Rishita are going against Dhara, don’t act, are you not ashamed to do this. They argue. He says you were a good girl, why are you punishing Dhara for Dev’s mistake, why are you changing yourself. Dhara makes Rishita drink the kada. Shiva asks Raavi to see, what Dhara is doing after hearing their taunts. Raavi cries. Shiva says Dhara has no evil in her heart, you wanted to become like Dhara, right, why did you change. He goes.

Everyone leaves in the bus. Rishita feels better. Krish says we reached the haveli. Rishita likes the haveli. She says its beautiful, we will have fun here. She hugs Dev. Gautam asks do you remember anything. Dhara says love, my new life started here, I pray to get this life in every birth. He says our life. He kisses her and hugs. They smile. Shiva asks Rishita to know why she got sick, she insulted Dhara’s food. Dev asks him to respect every relation. Shiva says explain your wife. Dev says its your mistake this time. Shiva says you need to understand many things, you know mum, mum will beat you. Shiva and Dev fight again. Krish calls Gautam. Shiva and Dev hug and argue. Gautam says they have much love.

Dhara says no one’s bad sight should fall on my three kids. Gautam says I asked you to stay with love, but together all day, go to your rooms now. Rishita says we will find a good room for ourselves, come. She likes a big room. Dev says ask Dhara whose room is this. She says no need, its ours, we came here first, Shiva has no manners to talk, I fell sick because of his taunts. Dev says Shiva is my brother, don’t say anything about him, I know to handle him. She says fine, tell him not to mess with me. He says I came here with my Rishita, don’t know how a nagging wife came here, go and get her. She says fine, I m here, I welcome you here. They have a romantic moment. He says I didn’t expect this romantic day. She asks him to just see, much will happen which he didn’t expect. He hugs her. Dhara asks Raavi to choose her room. Shiva says yes, Rishita is your heroine these days. Raavi asks Dhara to suggest a room.


Pandya Store 28th April 2021 27th April 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Rishita and Dev romance. Tum ho….plays…. Gautam and Dhara dance. Raavi and Shiva come close.

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Telecast Date:27th April 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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