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Pandya Store 26th May 2022  Episode starts with Dev and Rishita saying I miss mom. Shiva asks shall I take you home, Janardhan asked you to come home. He thinks sorry, I can’t take you home. Rishita asks from where are you. Shiva makes stories. Janardhan asks Gautam who will arrange the shoes.

He says I will do this. Gautam says no, I will do. Janardhan says then do it fast. Gautam arranges the shoes. Dhara feels bad. Gautam thanks Janardhan. Dhara cries. Gautam signs no to her. She nods. Janardhan asks about the tea. Dhara says its ready, tell me, when to get it. Janardhan orders them the work. Dhara and Raavi go. Rishita and Dev fall asleep. Shiva drives them to Janardhan’s house.

Janardhan says they are lazy, I have to explain everything to them. He sees Gautam and smiles. He spills the juice on the floor. He asks Gautam to wipe clean the floor. Gautam hears the car horn. He smiles.

Rishita says we asked you to take us to Pandya nivas. Dev says take a u-turn. She says we will get freshen up and go. Dev says fine. Gautam wipes the floor. Dev and Rishita enter the house. They get shocked seeing Gautam and everyone working as servants. Gautam smiles. He begs Janardhan and says don’t fire me from work, I m your slave. Janardhan says don’t embarrass me.

Rishita asks what’s going on. Dev asks Gautam to get up. He asks what’s happening here. Rishita asks Janardhan to say. Dev asks Gautam to say, what’s going on. Gautam says I m this house’s gardener now, Janardhan gave me a job, he said all the servants will be in uniform. Janardhan asks when. Gautam says my uniform is torn, how would you know this.

Dev asks Gautam to go and change clothes, he doesn’t need to work here. Dhara signs Raavi. Raavi gives the juice to Dev. Dhara says you would be tired after a long travel, please eat something. Dev and Rishita throw the food angrily. Shiva comes with the bags. Raavi and Dhara clean the floor.

Dev stops them. He asks where are the servants. Gautam says Janardhan fired them to give us the jobs. Dev says you all go from here now. Dev sees Shiva and says how did you agree to do a job here, why didn’t you explain Gautam and Dhara. Gautam says we need money, we will do a job here. Dev says I m helping you, fix the shop and handle it. Gautam says its not possible,

Janardhan gave us a job, we will work here and make our store, why are you ashamed, dad used to tell us that no work is small or big. Dev says I remember every teaching of dad, maybe mum doesn’t know about you all. Gautam says yes, mum knows about it. Dev says it can’t happen, she would have not permitted you, I will go and ask her. Gautam says mum isn’t here, she went to Prayagraj, don’t know when she will come, we will work here, you see what you want to do.

Janardhan smiles. Rishita asks how can you treat my family badly, what do you want that I get insulted in front of them. Dhara says its not Janardhan’s mistake. Rishita says its his mistake and yours also, you didn’t think how will we make you work, we can’t see you working here.

Dhara says we know you, we won’t get anyone who hires all of us, we can take care of you also, we need this work, this money. She asks Dev not to say anything now, for his baby’s sake. She folds hands and says don’t snatch this work.

Dev says you didn’t think what will we go through. Shiva thinks we have come to take you home. Dev goes. Shiva says blood colour never changes, Dev got restless seeing us, plan is successful. Gautam says seeing Rishita upset, I m sure that we will take her along. He signs to Dhara. They smile. Dhara says I can’t wait, I have to give the good news to mum.

At home, Dhara takes care of Suman. She says I can see the way of victory now, Dev didn’t like us working there, Rishita looked more angry than Dev. She feeds Suman. She asks Suman to keep the ball practice going. Suman holds Dhara’s hair. She laughs. Dhara calls everyone. They all come and ask what happened. Dhara shows Suman holding her hair in hand. Dhara hugs Suman. They all hug.

Its morning, Kamini says I told you they have come to take Dev and Rishita back. Janardhan says you are right, Gautam fell in my feet and did a drama seeing Dev and Rishita, we have to keep a good image. He asks Kalyani to be careful. Kalyani says I made a big mistake, I told them to have the leftover food in the breakfast. Dhara says I m so excited to work here. Raavi says yes, this leftover food will create a drama now.


Pandya Store 27th May 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Kamini asks Dhara to press the clothes. She screams my hand got burnt. She blames Dhara. Dev and Rishita get shocked.

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Telecast Date:26th May 2022
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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