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Pandya Store 25th September 2021 Written Episode Update, Written Update on

Pandya Store 25th September 2021 Episode starts with Dhara saying its Shiva and Raavi’s divorce hearing tomorrow. Suman asks Shiva will the divorce happen tomorrow, don’t worry, you won’t be alone. Dev says listen, take the application back. Gautam says nothing spoiled yet, convince Raavi.

Dhara says see the way she is handling me and this house, try to take a step towards her, she will come running, she has a problem with your insecurity, not with you, she feels you have inferiority complex, that’s why you vent anger on everyone. Suman asks what. Krish says feeling insecure and incapable than others.

Suman praises Shiva. Prafulla scolds Anita. She says I will get you engaged soon. She calls pandit and says get girls’ pics, no, Gautam’s marriage is on track, Krish is too young, its for Shiva, he is getting divorced, he married Raavi, he is a diamond, he got a glass, how will he keep the marriage. Raavi feels sad hearing this. Pandit says find a diamond for him. Shiva goes. Raavi goes out of the house. She comes home.

Prafulla says its good you left them and came back. She hugs Raavi. Raavi says they didn’t make me out, I didn’t run away, but I have to come back some day. Anita asks why did you come. Raavi says court hearing is tomorrow.

Anita asks Prafulla not to find a guy for Raavi. She says I wish she never gets divorced, else my hard work will go waste. Prafulla says fool. Gautam asks what are you doing, try to understand. Suman says you look good, but you are foolish. She asks them to send Shiva’s pic to pandit. Rishita comes and asks them to have sweets, she got a job. Dhara says congrats, I m very happy.

Suman says no need to eat sweets, she may fall sick. Rishita and Dev argue. She says I m doing this job, because just Dhara has the money, I want my money, I can’t buy a bangle without Dhara’s wish. Gautam asks what are you saying, Dhara can never refuse for a bangle, if she did, then there would be some reason. Dhara goes. Suman sends Krish. Gautam says do a job if you want, if you are doing this for money, then I will give you money every month. Dev says no need, we get money when we need it.

Dhara gets the bangle. She says I got better bangles for you, I knew you felt bad for it, sorry, it was not about 500 rs, the bangle seller was fooling you. Dev says you did this for bangle. Rishita says no, it made me realize that a career is imp for a girl, there should be celebration, not this upsetness, what shall I do when you aren’t happy. Krish bursts a popper and says congrats. Rishita asks what’s this misbehavior. Suman says I did this, you want us to get happy, shall we get band baaja for you. Rishita goes. Suman says don’t know how you liked my son. Dev gets upset.

Shiva gets a call. He says its wrong number, don’t call again. Raavi comes. They argue. She asks him to have the milk, it will relieve his headache. He thinks I didn’t know that she will handle the house as Dhara, she knows we will get divorced tomorrow, even then she is keeping the responsibility. He stops Raavi.

She asks what happened now, throw the milk if you don’t like it. He says you would also have a headache, you drink it. Phir le aaya….plays… She says you would be happy. He asks are you not happy. They see the moon. She says the moon looks so beautiful. He looks at her. She goes. Rishita comes. He says we just had an argument. She says I didn’t ask for a clarification, fights happen, you have to understand love behind the fights. Shiva says I don’t understand love. She says try to understand and then your life will become problem free. She goes. She fixes an alarm. She taunts Dev.

Dev says I m happy for you. She goes to sleep. Its morning, Rishita sweeps the floor. Suman asks what are you doing, vent out. Rishita goes. Suman calls out Dhara and asks for tea. Raavi gets the butter milk. She says Dhara went to temple with Gautam. Suman says tell her that I have gone to Kanta, pandit is getting pics and biodata for Shiva’s marriage. Raavi gets sad.


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Telecast Date:25th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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