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Pandya Store 24th September 2021  Episode starts with Rishita and Dhara arguing. Raavi asks Rishita to calm down. Dhara says explain her, its not like that. Raavi says its your mistake this time, if she wanted it, then you should have got the bangles for her, she always stands by you.

Dhara says the bangles were not of good quality, I thought its not good for Rishita, we wear local things, Rishita wears branded things, that’s why the seller was asking for much money. Rishita says he was ready to lessen the price, we know you have the money locker, you insulted me, I decided to not do a job for your sake. Dhara says enough, its my mistake, you don’t need to do a favor on me, I m pregnant, I m not ill, I can take care of myself, you all don’t need to sacrifice anything for me, sorry.

She goes. Raavi says Rishita, you do a job, I will handle the house. Rishita says I will do a job at any cost now. She takes her phone. She calls and says I m coming for the interview. Rishita says I will do this job, at least I don’t need to beg others for little things.

Rishita goes for the job interview. She talks to the men. He says its a start up, those who want to turn their shops into a mart, you have to get their details. She says its a tele-marketing job, right. He says yes. Dhara says I m mad, I always do something, I should have got the bangles for Rishita.

Raavi says we should take care of our family’s emotions, when you hurt someone’s heart, good happens with those, Rishita felt bad and went for the job interview. Dhara says its good, I wish she gets a job. The man says your salary will be 30000rs, you have to join from tomorrow. Rishita says fine. The man says you will get the offer letter tomorrow, only Sundays holidays. She says no problem, thanks. Raavi says her job shouldn’t start from tomorrow. Dhara asks why, its not your birthday.

Raavi says its court hearing for divorce. She goes. Dhara cries. Rishita calls Kalyani. She says I m coming home. She enters the house. She hugs Kalyani. She asks where is Kirti. Kalyani says she isn’t at home. Kamini looks on and signs Kalyani. Rishita says I have a good news. Kalyani says your dad may come, just go. Rishita says I thought I won’t do a job, but this job came to me, I m going to join it. Kamini thinks now Pandyas will lose their respect. Janardhan gets a call. The man says its a bad news, your fight with Gautam is bringing loss, Gautam helps others, everyone sees their profit, our market will break down, do something. Janardhan asks how dare they do this.

He calls Gautam. Gautam says your Sasur is calling. Dev says he will never change. Gautam answers the call. Janardhan insults him. He says you are breaking my market, you can never stand in front of me. Shiva takes the phone and scolds him. Janardhan threatens them. Shiva says Gautam will have his football team now, we will oppose you. Dev says Gautam is standing in Somnath union elections. He ends call.

Gautam says you said a lot. Dev says this time, you will stand in elections. Gautam says you told a lot about many kids. Dev says you will get 17 kids, not 11. Gautam says we all can’t get 11 kids. Dev says this time, you will win the elections. Gautam says calm down, he is your Sasur. Kalyani asks Rishita to leave, Janardhan will lock her in the room if he sees her. Janardhan comes home and shouts on the guards. Kamini says how did he come so soon. Rishita says I will go, but how.

Kalyani says go upstairs and hide. Janardhan says until I ruin this Pandya family, I will not sit in peace. He shouts Kalyani. Rishita goes out from the window. Janardhan shouts on Kalyani. Rishita hides and looks on. Kalyani says you look angry. Janardhan says you know what Pandyas did, they tried to break my market, they snatched my daughter, I will punish them, if you try to talk to Rishita, then I will not leave you.

Rishita goes. Kamini says its good Rishita took the job, send Kirti to her house with new clothes and sweets, Rishita will be with us forever. Kalyani says if Janardhan knows. Kamini says then leave the dream of meeting your daughter.

Suman asks how dare Janardhan threaten my sons, we have to teach him a lesson, I will throw chilli in his eyes. Gautam smiles. Suman says this time, you will fight the elections. Krish says talk in low tone. Suman asks how can he threaten my sons. Krish says enough, Rishita will hear this and feel bad. Suman asks shall I get scared of her, call her. Raavi says she went for a job interview. Dev says she said she won’t do a job, she said she will handle the family. Suman says you are acting innocent, she is cunning, I think she beats you in the room, tell me. Everyone laughs. Suman says once she gets a job, she will make you tommy. They laugh. Shiva sees Raavi.

Raavi says I will just come. Suman asks where are you going, when will you cook food and serve us. Raavi says I have finished half cooking, I have to go and get court papers, its divorce hearing tomorrow. Shiva looks at her.


Pandya Store 25th September 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Suman asks where is Dhara. Raavi says she went to the temple with Gautam. Suman says tell her that I m going to meet pandit at Kanta’s house for Shiva’s marriage. Raavi sees Shiva.

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Telecast Date:24th September 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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