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Pandya Store 24th March 2021 Episode starts with Gautam talking to Hardik. Hardik asks what, Dev loves Rishita. Gautam says yes, but he will marry Raavi. Hardik asks why are you letting this alliance happen, Dev won’t be happy, his happiness matters more than society’s taunts. Gautam says I would have handled everything for Dev’s happiness, but Janardhan threatened to kill my brothers, I can sacrifice my life, how can I save my brothers, I can’t let them fall into trouble, nothing is imp to me, my brothers are my children, I raised them like a father, when you become a father, you have love and also fear in heart, after knowing this truth, I can’t support Dev, I can sacrifice Dev’s happiness, not my other brothers. Hardik asks him not to worry.

Dhara gets sad and recalls Dev’s words. She says if Dev doesn’t love Raavi, then their marriage shouldn’t happen. She sees Raavi. Raavi asks what about me, I love Dev, Dev will get Rishita, what about my love, you just worry for Dev, not me, you didn’t think for me. Janardhan and Kalyani are worried. He asks Kalyani not to worry, Rishita can never succeed. He says I have threatened Gautam, now Pandya family won’t do anything. Kalyani asks what if Rishita does something. He says I called my sister, we will get Rishita married to a NRI and send her away, she would be coming. They go to welcome his sister.

Dhara imagines Raavi. She says I have to stop this marriage. Dev recalls Rishita. Raavi calls Dev and asks him why isn’t he answering. Dev says listen to me. Shiva throws the phone. Raavi says Shiva, I know you have snatched the phone. Gautam comes back. Dhara gets angry. He shuts the door. She says I m going to tell truth to Raavi. Gautam says Dev and Raavi will get married. She says I have always accepted your decision, sorry, I m not with you, in this decision, its wrong for Raavi, I will tell her the truth. Janardhan asks his sister to come. She asks why did you call me here. He says there is a big problem, you know Darshan Pandya. She says yes, he was a nice man. He says Rishita is in love with Darshan’s second son. Shiva asks what do you want to do. Dev says I want things to get fine, I had fallen weak. Shiva says you don’t think about anyone, mum would be dreaming for your marriage. Dev says mum won’t be happy seeing me sad. Krish stops them. Gautam says come to senses.

Dhara says nothing is imp to me than Dev’s happiness. He says it will be good if he marries Raavi. She says its my mistake, I couldn’t understand him, I can’t punish him, what shall I do. Janardhan says Rishita isn’t agreeing. Rishita’s Bua asks Kalyani couldn’t she handle her daughter. She scolds Janardhan for marrying Kalyani because of their love. Janardhan says forget the past, tell us what to do. She says kill Dev, Rishita can’t marry him, we have a standard, this relation can’t happen, I had got a rich alliance for Rishita.

Shiva and Dev argue. Krish asks them to stop fighting. Dhara says marriage should be based on love, Dev doesn’t love Raavi. Gautam says we didn’t had love, but its a successful marriage, I love you the most. Dhara says I know, but Dev is different, he will keep the marriage but never stay happy by his heart. They argue. Krish says I never heard Dhara speaking to Gautam like this. Gautam says Raavi is right for Dev. Dhara says sorry, I can’t listen to this. Gautam asks her to stop. Shiva asks what happened, where are you going. Dhara says to rectify my mistake. She slips and falls down. They all ask her if she is fine. Rishita says Bua, I want Dev, please. Kalyani scolds her. Bua acts and scolds Kalyani. She asks Kalyani to go and get ready, she has invited a rich family home. Kalyani says if you don’t agree, then I will eat poison. Bua says go and die. Janardhan says no, Dev will die. Rishita worries.

Gautam says you won’t go anywhere. Dhara says I m not so hurt, let me go. Gautam says you won’t go. Suman hears them talking and goes to see. Shiva says Gautam and Dhara are fighting because of Dev. Dhara says stop it. Suman asks what’s happening, why are you shouting on my sons, where do you want to go. Gautam signs no.


Pandya Store 25th March 2021 24th March 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raavi comes home. Gautama says Suman and Raavi shouldn’t know anything about Dev and Rishita. Rishita says I don’t want to marry any NRI. Bua asks Rishita to just say yes as of now, then she will handle everything.

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Telecast Date:24th March 2021
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