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Pandya Store 24th June 2021 Episode starts with Shiva coming and greeting Suman. Dhara asks him not to go anywhere now. Shiva thinks to get the bangles from Prafulla, his plan shouldn’t fail, he has put many things on stake. Gautam gets Mansukh’s call. Mansukh says I need to talk something imp. Gautam says I can’t hear anything, I will call tomorrow. Anita gifts couple watch to Raavi. Rishita laughs and jokes on Shiva. She says Shiva will become a business tycoon now. Anita gifts a pic frame to Rishita. Rishita says I will fix Dev and my marriage pic in this. Krish dances on twist song. He says this time, we have no drama, their brides are fixed, my Bhabhis will come, I will dance and make everyone dance. They all dance.

Dev says if I leave Rishita there, then she will send me divorce papers, I have to get her. Shiva says she is like us, she will end her anger if you talk to her with love. Dev hugs him. Dhara dances with everyone. Anita dances with Gautam. Krish asks where is Raavi, call her, she dances with me. Gautam and Dhara dance. Anita gets Raavi and Rishita. Shiva sees Raavi. Dev sees Rishita. Suman asks Dhara to tell everyone that they won’t eat anything from Prafulla’s house, they will just greet and leave. Dev apologizes to Rishita. She smiles. They all dance. Suman hugs her children. Prafulla comes to do aarti of Dev and Shiva. Shiva holds her hand and says I won’t let you catch my nose. Everyone laughs.

Prafulla says I will not let you hold my bangles. She gifts them. Shiva sees the watch. Prafulla says I don’t have resources here to give something good to Raavi. Suman says you could have given your earrings, but I will give them gold. Dhara gives the gifts to Raavi and Rishita. She says this time, there is no difference in the weight, the earrings are of equal grams. Rishita smiles. Suman says we shall go now, rasam is over. Shiva says no one asked me about my choice, I heard that groom gets the nek of his choice. Prafulla thinks he can ask for my bangles. Mansukh calls Gautam again. He says Shiva’s property papers are missing. Gautam asks what are you saying. Mansukh says Rasik is my friend, he said Shiva’s property papers are mortgaged there. Gautam gets shocked. Suman asks Shiva what does he want, Prafulla’s heart is big. Shiva says I want my mum’s bangles back from Prafulla’s hands. Gautam thinks what was the need that Shiva mortgaged the his land share and didn’t tell me, he is talking of the bangles now.

Dhara asks Shiva to calm down. Shiva says I was calm, Prafulla challenged me to take her bangles and show her, I just accepted her challenge, its my mum’s bangles, I have a right on it, if you want, then I will sit calm, but this will hurt me forever, if I don’t take the bangles with me, then I can never stay happy. Dhara asks Gautam to explain him. Gautam thinks I don’t know what to explain, did Rishita really see money in his room. Suman says my four sons are my real assets, forget the bangles, think we give it in charity. Shiva says I m not big hearted like you, I didn’t forget the day when we turned poor, you had glass bangles in your hand, Prafulla had your gold bangles, I want the bangles back from her today, that’s it. Suman signs him to do what he wants. Raavi asks how can you do this. Shiva says its not about you, its between me and Mami, stay out of this.

Krish asks what’s this new drama. Shiva says this drama had come in our story. He asks Prafulla to give the bangles. He says its my dad’s last gift to my mum, just give it to me. Prafulla refuses. She says when Suman has no problem, then why are you talking in between, nek rasam is done, Raavi will go with you, not these bangles. Anita asks Prafulla to give the bangles, end the matter. Prafulla asks her to shut up. She says Shiva, you can get rigid, Suman knew that my status is low now, so she got gold now, rasam is over, just Raavi will go with you, these bangles won’t go with you. Shiva says fine then, you see it now, if I go from here without the bangles, then Raavi won’t go with me, either give the bangles, or keep Raavi with you. They get shocked.


Pandya Store 25th June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Raavi says I will not go with you. Shiva says do what you want, I don’t care. Shiva and Raavi go other sides.

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Telecast Date:24th June 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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