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Pandya Store 23rd December 2021 Episode starts with Dhara arguing with Rishita and Suman. Raavi says Dhara can’t use the IVF money for loan, she can’t decide alone. Rishita says this is her problem. Suman locks herself in room.

They all shout and ask her to open the door. Suman throws marbles at them. Rishita says beat them more. Suman says you wait. Rishita, Dhara and Raavi hide. Dhara asks why are you coming here. Suman beats them. They hide. Suman scolds them.

Dhara says I will not sign the papers. Rishita says fine, I m going to pack my bags, I will not stay here. Suman stops her. She says if Rishita leaves the house, then house will break. Gautam and everyone come home. They step on the marbles and fall. Shiva asks how did this marbles come out. Raavi says Suman got it. Dhara asks how did you all get released. Gautam says Janardhan got us bailed.

Rishita says he got sense, but Dhara didn’t. Krish says your dad’s track record is bad. Rishita says but mine is good, Dhara doesn’t trust us. Dhara says I trust you, not your family. Rishita says my dad got all of them out. Shiva says he got us arrested and then freed us. She says he kept his word, everyone has to sign the papers. She says its NOC papers, it states that you all have no objection if it goes to Dev and my name. Dhara doesn’t listen. Rishita says it means its your final decision, you all don’t want me here, fine, I m leaving this house. She goes to the room and cries.

She packs her bags. Dhara coughs and goes to drink water. Shiva and Dev get some message. They also make excuse and go to drink water. They go to Dhara and ask what happened. She says I m upset seeing Rishita, I love Raavi and Rishita, we have to let Rishita go, Dev will go there. Shiva asks why. Dhara says you remember how you all went to lawyer’s office to get papers. They remember it.

Shiva says you are saying Dev will get loan papers. Dhara says yes, we will help him. Shiva says Dev will go and loot Janardhan, its good, we are tired of beating him. Dev says its the best idea, we can’t tell this to Rishita. Dhara says so I didn’t tell Gautam. Shiva says not even Raavi. Krish tries to hear them. She asks what are you doing here. Krish says I was coughing. Dev scolds him. Krish says I didn’t hear anything.

Rishita says I will leave the house if they don’t sign the papers. She comes with her bags. She says if I go, then I will never come back. Dhara says as you wish, Rishita, you always do this drama, I can’t let my family shatter this way, you go if you want. Raavi asks Rishita to stop. She asks Dhara to stop Rishita, why is she provoking Rishita more. She says we will sort out. Rishita says its already sorted, I will go. Raavi says calm down, I have a good idea, you manage the income of new store, its sorted, you keep it. Krish laughs and says this is the anti climax punch, Raavi won’t let that happen. Shiva asks Krish to shut up.

He ties up Krish near the well and hangs him inside. Shiva says let Rishita go. She says I m going, nobody cares. Dhara says my poor four kids. Gautam coughs. Dhara says I mean Gautam and three kids, they have to take lunch, you come with me and help me in kitchen, else leave, don’t waste our time. Rishita says fine, I will go.

She asks Dev will he not support her. She says I hope you understand this, I m doing this for everyone. Suman stops her. She says we will give money to your dad. Rishita says no, its about my status in this house, I will not stay here until the land is on Dev and my name, you have to prove your trust on me. Gautam says this is your house also. She says I accepted this house, but you all didn’t accept me, Dhara doesn’t want me to stay here. Suman asks her not to go. Rishita says Dhara should sign this NOC.

Shiva asks Rishita to just go away. Gautam says I will slap you. Shiva says its right. She leaves. Dev says it didn’t happen right with Rishita. He scolds Shiva. They argue. Gautam stops them. He asks them to stop it. Dev says I can’t see Rishita getting insulted. Shiva says explain her. Gautam scolds him. Dev says Rishita is wrong, but she is family, nobody stopped her today. Gautam says we will find a way. Dev says she is my wife, my responsibility, I couldn’t protect her esteem, I m also leaving this house. Everyone gets shocked.


Pandya Store 24th December 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Suman scolds Dhara. Dev and Rishita come home. Dev shocks Janardhan saying whatever is yours is mine.

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Telecast Date:23rd December 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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