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Pandya Store 23rd April 2022 Episode starts with Gautam shouting on Janardhan. His imagination ends. He looks around and leaves. Shiva asks can I do this or not. Krish looks at him. He says there is a problem, you aren’t educated, its tough that you get selected. Shiva says you can help me, tell me what to do.

Krish says fine, you have to listen to me. Gautam sees someone following and says something is wrong. Krish says nothing will happen if you fill the form. Shiva says I will beat them if they take bribe. Krish says listen to me, ten people will be selected and then one will be the winner, you have to share the business idea, if you go to second round then good, else tata bye bye. Shiva says it’s a big thing,

let it be tough, I will fight. Krish says you have to speak in English there. Shiva says why, be it any language, emotions works. Krish asks him to give the business idea. He says you can’t do this, drop this plan, no use, the time is nearly over. Shiva sees the form. Gautam runs from the robber. The man tries to rob him. Gautam fights him. He runs and comes in front of a truck. He gets hit. He falls injured on the road.

Shiva calls him and says I would have taken Gautam’s help. The robber sees Gautam and runs away. Suman sits helpless. She says Gautam has gone from here to get some peace. Raavi feels sad. Shiva says I don’t know if I get selected or not. He thinks to fill the form or not. Raavi says this is the shop earning,

Dhara isn’t here, so you keep it, its less because of Rishita’s store. Suman asks her to keep it. Rishita says our store net profit is 25000 for one day. She calls Dev and tells him. She says if this goes on, then our dreams will get fulfilled. Janardhan smiles and says think if you had listened to me before, then what would have happened. Kirti asks Rishita to take part in the business competition.

Rishita says its for new business ideas, I have to concentrate on store, I m so happy. Janardhan asks her to keep the money. Rishita says this is for buying new stock. Raavi comes to Shiva. He says you are my setting. She acts dizzy. He says you love me right, then tell me, is there anything that I can’t do.

She says yes, you can’t propose a girl. He asks what is this joke. She asks his name. He says Shiva. She encourages him and says you can do anything, just trust yourself like I trust you. He asks are you saying this because you love me. She says no, I love you because you can do all this.

He kisses on her cheek and says I will participate in the biggest competition of Somnath, thanks. Its morning, Shiva fills the form online. Krish says think it will be much tough for you, you aren’t like Dev and Rishita to become a big businessman. Suman slaps Krish and says don’t forget that your fees are paid by Shiva’s hardwork at the shop.

She blesses Shiva. Shiva asks Raavi to come and check the online form submission. Raavi checks. They hear an ambulance sound. They go out to see. They get shocked seeing Gautam on the stretcher. Shiva shouts and runs to Gautam. Dhara and Hardik are with him. Suman asks what happened to Gautam.

Dhara says I don’t know, someone called from his phone and informed about the accident, he is saying everything will be fine, did anything happen. Raavi says we will take him inside first. Doctor says Gautam needs complete bed rest, he shouldn’t take any stress. Dhara says we will take care of him, thanks for coming with us.

Doctor says it was my duty, you get him for checkup next week. Shiva gets angry and says how did someone hit Gautam. Raavi says if anything happened to Gautam, then what would we do. Gautam asks Krish not to cry. Krish says I have to go to college. Dhara asks him to go. He leaves. Rishita is at the store.

Krish comes and hugs her. He gives chocolates to her. She sees the store closed. She asks why didn’t the store open. He says there was a problem. She gets Dev’s call. She asks him to go to college. Krish asks her to give some money.

She says thanks for the chocolates, just go. She sends him. Shiva asks do you want something, shall I get it. Dhara says he needs rest, go and handle the shop, I m here to take care of him. Gautam says yes, Shiva you should go. Shiva says call me if there is anything. Suman nods. Raavi says I will do all the work, just take care of Gautam. Dhara thinks what’s the matter they are hiding from me. Suman thinks we have to hide the new store truth from Dhara.


Pandya Store 24th April 2022 Written Episode Update Precap :Dhara asks Raavi what gift did Janardhan gave to Dev. Shiva says he has given this gift. Dhara gets shocked seeing the new Pandya store.

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Telecast Date:23rd April 2022
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