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Pandya Store 22nd June 2021 Episode starts with Rishita asking Rasik to tell her the truth, what was Shiva doing, she can pay him double. She says I m Janardhan’s daughter, just tell me about Shiva. Rasik doesn’t say anything. She leaves. Gautam gives the papers to Mansukh. Mansukh checks the papers. He asks Gautam to go, his work will be done. Shiva thanks Rasik and says I have to leave. Rasik gives him the money. Shiva says I need an hour to come, deal won’t happen until I come, stop the client. Rishita comes to Dev. She hears Dev talking to his friend. She argues and asks why don’t you think of yourself and do a job abroad. He says career isn’t just abroad, I can make my career here also. She says I will talk to you when I get a proof against Shiva. She goes and clicks pics of Shiva. She thinks to find out what’s in that bag.

Raavi gets scared seeing the bushes moving. Shiva comes. She shouts its a snake and hugs him. Rishita goes to his room and checks. Shiva says there is nothing, don’t shout, we will get defamed. She asks why, you are with your wife, what are you doing here. He says I came to have a fresh air, why did you come. She jokes on him. He asks shall I laugh, go and tell these jokes to Prafulla, what are you doing here in darkness. She says I m not scared of darkness. He asks her to go back. She says I will go anywhere I like, who are you to tell me. He says I m your …. your name is linked to mine, do what you want. She goes. Rishita doesn’t get the bag. Two guys come on a bike and see Raavi. Raavi says I made Shiva leave, what are these guys doing here. She thinks Shiva has come. The guys sing a song to tease her.

She moves back and says I think my team member has come. She sees Shiva. Rishita says there is no bag here. Shiva whistles when the guts whistle. Raavi asks him to save her. The guy goes to touch Raavi. Shiva beats him. He fights the guys. He asks them to get up. The guys run away. Shiva asks are you done now. He takes Raavi with him. Ik tara….plays… She says good night and goes. Rishita gets the bag under the bed. She says now I will bring your truth out. She checks the money inside. Shiva comes. She sees him. She says its surprise, its wrong to cheat the family. He asks her to give the bag and go. She says no, I will tell the entire family about you, Dev is missing job opportunities for his brothers, you are starting a new business, Dev and I are fools, right. He says fine, you can tell anyone you want. She calls Dev.

Dev is sleeping. She goes to the door and shouts Dev… Shiva asks why are you shouting. Dev, Krish, Gautam and Dhara come. They ask what happened, is everything fine. Gautam asks did you scare her again. Shiva says no. Rishita says we are fools, Shiva is opening a new business, this is the investment, he is buying a truck, check the bag yourself. Gautam asks Rishita not to spy. Rishita says I knew you won’t trust me, I have proof. Gautam and Dhara check. Gautam says this man supplies good to Pandya store, Shiva deals with the transport companies. Rishita says this money can prove it. Dhara asks what’s the need to check his room, this never happened in the house. Rishita asks her to check the bag. Dhara says no one will touch the bag, its an insult for Shiva, I trust him. Rishita says fine, I will show it. Shiva says wait, I will show you. Dhara says leave it. Rishita empties the bag.


Pandya Store 23rd June 2021 Written Episode Update Precap :Shiva asks Prafulla to give the bangles. He refuses. He says Raavi won’t go with me, if you don’t give the bangles, else keep Raavi with you.

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Telecast Date:22nd June 2021
Distributed By :Star Plus And Hotstar


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